BSA – Aligning Damaged Dropouts, Frame and Forks


Rear Dropout on the Drive Side had been opened up and the forks were also slightly twisted and the drop out was also opened up on one side.

We simply managed to close the gap in the dropout using extra large adjustable pliers, shielded with folded card to protect the metalwork (although to be honest at this stage there’s nothing to protect) we don’t want any gauge and scores or marks we want to file down any imperfections as we go.

The forks were easily pulled back into shape and balanced perfectly just using hand forces the forward leg was corrected and dropout closed up a touch on the one side.

Next stage, Sanding down…

BSA – Buying Parts, Cranks and Bar Tape


Cranks chosen on price, these came in just under £20 with a reasonable ratio to work well against 16 teeth at the rear simple and silver.

Square Taper Bottom Bracket required, I’ll have to wait until I can find something short enough to assemble it, this need something in the range of 68mm X 101mm. Yikes!


Grips, covered with Brown! Handlebar Tape… Cost £3.56 Bargain! China Strikes again…

Cheap as chips but it’ll do the job, and work well with British Racing Green for the frame colour.

Grip Tape











Lail Arad

Catchy, we’re back! And what a’lil’ tune, you should check out this…


Video by Yair Neuman & Lail Arad
Special thanks to Dominik Osvald, Jee Park, Tupac Ferreira and Kwame Ferreira

Available Now, Daewoo Folding Bike


Right now we have an auction for this lovely little red Daewoo folding bike ending this week,

Perfect for commuting making it easy to hop on a bus or train, and it’s easy to store too. It needs a clean up and a bit of a service but hey that’s part of the fun of it! And with this auction starting at the bargain cost of 40 quid delivered it’s a great deal.

You can find the auction here, But hurry not long left!

Site Update: Checkout Issues Resolved

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been experiencing issues with the checkout hanging (grayed out in effect) with the loading symbol, leaving you unable to complete your purchase.

We’ve resolved the issues as we believe the cause to be NextGEN removed from our back-end (WP) pun intended it’s a case that some of our images may have disappeared and we may have to relocate some of our gallery images, so a new pain emerges. The side effects of expansion continue, please bear with us whilst we figure out our options we are looking at increasing server end.-

If you find any issues or have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email.


Lil Wayne: Bring It Back ft. Mannie Fresh

Corinne Bailey Rae: Put Your Records On

Summer has started, Girl, Put your Records on!


Brazilian Girls – Good Time

Catchy little tune…


They’ve got quite a sound about them, sassy sounding sexy breathy vocals, creeping strings allude to more…
Check out their whole album.


She Makes War : Slow Puncture

With all the melancholia that the title suggests, I kinda like it.

She, equirrelling around London on a bike, gathering trinkets in her basket she rides past confused Storm Troopers and takes you on a tour of street art in East London.

A magical bicycle treasure hunt around the street art of East London…and some STORMTROOPERS.

Directed & Edited by Laura Kidd.

Sesame Street – Ride A Bike!

Sesame Street – Ride A Bike! from way back when in the 70’s maybe…


Good video for the Tech-heads, bicycle workshop centric with a bright blue five-seater tandem bicycle, a Quint-dem then?

Rad Intro HD ‘Break The Ice’ by John Farnham


If you didn’t grow up the 80’s there’s a chance you’ve never used the word RAD! Or heard of the film, TV show… Back then, there wasn’t a better word for it!

The film’s story focuses on Cru Jones (Bill Allen), a young BMX racer who lives in a small town with his mother (Talia Shire) and sister. Cru is faced with a tough decision: the qualifying races for Helltrack are the same day as his SATs, which he must take in order to attend college. However, winning Helltrack means a lucrative sponsorship deal and fame. Cru chooses the latter option, ignoring his mother’s wishes.

Here’s the opening credits

Interested, Want more… Take a look at this amazing trailer, if there’s one thing that’ll stoke your imagination this is how it all started back in “the day” as your Dad (or Mum) might say…

Rad (1986) Theatrical Movie Trailer from CompMovieGuy on Vimeo.

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