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Bicycle Seat Rail Removal Repairs and Cover Fixing including Saddle Rail Reinstallation

This is often a problem that requires a replacement saddle, bent rails and a crash impact can both mean you saddle has slipped from it’s perch and left you in the lerch! There are a few articles and forum threads on the web relating to various problems however none that address the solution adequately so…


Bafang BF1808H66200-1 36V 250W Rear Hub

Has your bike lost it’s Oomph, does it now feel like it does 0.0mph extra to your effort? Has your bike sat for a long time? Has somebody said it’s your battery but you don’t want to believe them? Does it still make a noise like it want to move but doesn’t? This is your…


What goes into your bike when it’s “Serviced”…

Here’s a bike that looked a little worse for wear, it wasn’t very old or very used, just neglected and very poorly built and adjusted from when it was new. Here’s how it’s looked before work started, lost of rust and a chain that’s solid! The Freewheel looks worse than it is actually, everything moves…


Cycling, Exercise & CORONAVIRUS COVID-19

If you can run you can ride, balance isn’t your problem… & Loo Roll isn’t the answer Fear is a really powerful motivator, are you that sick already? If you’re thinking of getting a bike for any reason, now is a great time to accelerate that decision and reap some healthy & financial rewards as…

Smart Superflash 1/2 Watt Rear LED Light – Fix intermittent and Dim Lights

Next you’re going to need to close up the gaps a little and use the pliers to crimp the battery terminals a little tighter to give the +ve terminal a bit of room to make contact without binding on the case

Thief attempts to take a woman’s bike, but then a cowboy rides up on a horse to lasso him

This article owes it’s credit to; The BL.comthe original story comes from a CBS report back in 2016… Sophie Sanders | The BL 10/08/19, 12:38 After moseying over to the Walmart for some dog food and on the way out, 28-year-old Robert Borba heard a woman screaming. “Stop him! Stop him! He stole my bike! He stole…


Listings, the Before and After: Cleaning & Servicing

Bike servicing made easy, looks simple doesn’t it… So why does it more often than not look like this… Do you have a cloth and a can of oil? Got an old tooth brush, better a brass one though! Cleaning goes a long way to making a bike rideable and pleasantly doing so, but a…

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Samm Henshaw – How Does It Feel?

More… Bikes in Music Videos Continuing with the Bikes in Music Videos theme, we’ve found a fresh new summer anthem for you… Including lyrics such as “It goes timeline, swipe right, deep like”, the upbeat track looks into the ways in love is viewed in our culture today ‘How Does It Feel’ is guaranteed to…

Wire Brushed Raw Steel BMX Parts

How do you service a BMX? Part 1

Servicing a BMX, your step by step go to guide…   So your bikes rattling, and a bit stiff, suffered a bit outside and probably a little worse for wear, does it need servicing and some tlc… Have you got rusty Bolts too? Simple to do you need a strip down and rebuild, it breath…

DRAM - Cash Machine

DRAM – Cash Machine

Nice Trike…

What are the Correct Replacement Bolts for mounting your Bicycle Kickstands? 3/8″ – 16 TPI BSW Whitworth

What are the Correct Replacement Bolts for mounting your Bicycle Kickstands? 3/8″ – 16 TPI BSW Whitworth Replacement Bolts for mounting your Kickstands are most likely a 16G 3/8″ Whitworth 55 deg Thread with a nominal metric diameter of 9.525mm, so close enough to M10 x 1.5mm but not quite, you’ll probably have trouble getting…

Custom Toilet Roll Holder

Bespoke Creations; beyond the spokes…

We take orders for all kinds of creations.  Given a starting point such as a scrap pile, it’s hard to see the shiny bits through the dirt & grime.  Sometimes one mans scrap metal is the raw material for another creation, this was born from necessity of not having one (a toilet roll holder that…

GHP Cruiser

Martin Dupre Stolen Bikes Funded – See the results, first build… GHP 24″ Expert

So you may have heard Martin’s 3 kids bike got stolen recently from his car right at the beginning of the season… On Sunday 13th March 3 bikes were stolen from Martin Dupre’s Car whilst parked securely (at least thought this was the case) in Asda Car Park next to the NCC in Manchester, this…