GetMeFixed Protective Plastic Bike Bag


Made from 30% Recycled Plastic

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Top Features:

  • Large clear plastic bag
  • Size: 122cm x 245cm (48" x 100")
  • 100% clear polyethene and thus fully recycleable

The Cycling

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Very similar to

CTC Cycling UK Plastic Bike Bag

But not, it’s our version which is very slightly lighter weight and not quite as tall but still does a great job.

The Cycling UK (formerly known as the CTC) designed heavy-duty polythene bag is big enough for packing up a bike, yet is light enough and small enough when folded to carry on the bike whilst touring. Accepted by most airlines and coach operators, the bag protects the bike by letting baggage handlers see what it is but you can add your own padding eg pipe lagging as required. Parcel tape for wrapping not included. The bag can also be used for storing muddy or oily bikes in car boots or on trains etc. This bag generally survives for between 8 and 12 trips on planes/coaches and then you should consider replacing it, as a consumable item.


For more information on taking bikes by public transport, CTC members can access our library of information sheets by logging into the Cycling UK website –

Additional information

Weight 0.720 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 8 cm
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