Modest Mussorgsky, Prokofiev: Demidenko Compilation CD CDA67018

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Mussorgsky, Prokofiev : Demidenko [Signed Copy] Compilation CD Hyperion CDA67018


Collectible! Believed to be Signed by Demidenko 98.03.22 (See Photo – Autograph)

  • Disc and Inlay in Excellent Condition!
  • Jewel-case slightly damaged.


Musorgsky’s musical tribute to the painter and architect Viktor Hartmann has become his most familiar work, and this recording presents the original piano version of Pictures from an Exhibition. It is an extraordinary work, combining intense demands for virtuoso technique with an inexorable momentum which keeps what is fundamentally an impressionistic work in many movements moving towards its grand climax with the ‘Great Gate of Kiev’ finale.

Article name: Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet Suite
Genre: Soloinstr. ohne Orchester
Product type: CD
Label: Helios (Hyperion Records)
Number of tracks: 27
Duration: 74:48

Track List:

  • Modest Mussorgsky – Pictures at an Exhibition
  • Serge Prokofiev – 10 Pieces from Romeo and Juliet, Op.75  –  Toccata in D Minor, Op.11

Nicolai Demidenko on Piano.


Track List:

  1. Promenade 1
  2. Gnomus
  3. Promenade 2
  4. The Old Castle
  5. Promenade 3
  6. Tuileries: Children Quarrelling After Play
  7. Bydlo
  8. Promenade 4
  9. Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks
  10. Two Polish Jews, One Rich, the Other Poor
  11. Promenade 5
  12. Limoges, the Market Place
  13. Catacombae. Sepulcrum Romanum
  14. Con Mortuis in Lingua Mortua
  15. Baba Yaga
  16. The Great Gate of Kiev
  17. National Dance
  18. Scena
  19. Minuet
  20. Juliet As a Young Girl
  21. Masks
  22. Montagues and Capulets
  23. Friar Laurence
  24. Mercutio
  25. Dance of the Girls With the Lilies
  26. Romeo and Juliet Before Parting
  27. Toccata in D Minor, Op. 11


  • Artist: Nikolai Demidenko (Piano)
  • Composer: Prokofieff
  • Composer: Mussorgsky
  • Composer: Musorgsky – Prokofiev
  • Piano Preparation: Peter Salisbury
  • Engineer: Ken Blair
  • Record Label: Hyperion
  • Liner Note Translation: Michael Stoffl
  • Recording Producer: Erik Smith
  • Liner Notes: Robert Matthew-Walker
  • Executive Producer: Edward Perry
  • Executive Producer: Simon Perry

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