Campagnolo BR-02CH Chorus Monoplanner Brakes



Used: Pair - Front and Rear, Mounting Bolt is Bent on Front, Cone Cap Nuts are rusty, adjusters are missing, need some tlc.


In the early-mid 1980’s, Campagnolo was exploring radical brake ideas.  The single pivot brake was simply getting stale, and not powerful enough.  Their first rendition were the Delta brakes, which were gorgeous but too complicated and heavy to be a reliable design.  The monoplaner’s were their second attempt, and they hit the nail on the head.  These brakes perform nearly as good as modern dual-pivot brakes, are lightweight, and have a beautiful and exotic look.  They are rather rare, especially in NOS condition!

Category: Brakes
Name: Campagnolo BR-02CH, Chorus Monoplaner
Brand: Campagnolo
Primary Group: Chorus
Model: C500 / BR-02CH
Years: Late 1980’s – Early 1990’s
Country: Italy
Weight: 395 grams


Design Category Single Pivot Cable Adjuster
Quick Release No Attachment Bolt Type Recessed Allen Key
Cable Attachment Bolt Wrench Front of Arm Markings Campagnolo shield logo
Back of Arm Markings Reach Category Standard Reach
Min Reach 40mm Max Reach 51mm
Originally spec’ed as the C500 brake set, in 1991 the catalog has them marked at the BR-02CH to go with Campagnolo’s new naming convention of the early 90’s.

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Weight 0.226 kg


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Front / Rear