Cantilever Post Mount Pad Adjusting Eye Bolt Hardware


Available in new or used these are required for many Center Pull variants of bikes. New Supplied in pairs Used available individually  

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A Great Spare part for most old MTB’s with Canti’s, BMX’s with U Brakes

Comes with the following parts;

  • Steel body Eye Bolt with a Steel Nut & M6 Flat Washer
  • Large ID Washer (Concave/Convex)
    opposing washers
  • Small ID Washer (Convex/Concave)

Note; Opposing washers will vary depending on which way your will pads will fit to the calipers. On Cantilever Brakes, this is generally on the top of the arms on the outside with a Convex surface facing the pad. so you will need the Large ID Concave Washer / Small ID Convex Washer, please note this on your order or send us a message, you can always send a picture of you calipers if you’re unsure. 

Standard size for most cantilever brake systems, but certain variances due to differing materials and designs mean these are not universal.
Also used on BMX’s with U-type brakes

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