Taya TB-408 Bicycle Chain 1/2″x3/32″ 100-Link Black 5/6 Spd Non-Index


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Taya TB-408 Bicycle Chain 1/2″x3/32″ 100-Link Black 5/6 Spd Non-Index


Finish: Black/Black


Description: TB-408 provides smooth, agile shifting performance for non-index derailleur gears.


Workshop Packaging OEM Shortened Chain, Provided by TAYA at 100-links long
this is suitable for;

– Junior / Youth Bikes with Non-Indexed Multi-Speed Gears.

You can easily join two chains for shortening from 200-links to fit;

– Larger Bikes and Adults 26″/700c models for example.




♦ Compatibility: 5 & 6 Speed (Non-index system)

      ♦ 1 x 5 spd

♦ 2 x 5 spd = 10 speed

♦ 3 x 5 spd = 15 speed

♦ 1 x 6 spd

♦ 2 x 6 spd = 12 speed

♦ 3 x 6 spd = 18 speed

(not compatible with Shimano UG/HG Freewheels) 


♦ 1/2” x 3/32” 

♦ Pitch:   1/2” (12.70mm)    Width: 3/32” (0.094″, 2.30mm)


• Item Weight as packaged: 317g (p/x100-links)


Additional information

Weight 0.317 kg
Dimensions 5 × 12 × 1 cm


Chain Speed (Gears Max)

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  1. admin

    Q: Sorted after just a quick question, would this chain fit a Brompton folding bike with a 3 speed sturmey archer and a 54 tooth chain wheel, many thanks Ed

    A: Whilst you’ve got a 3 Speed Hub (You’ve only got one Cog/Gear/Sprocket), so you’re looking for a Single Speed chain I think, although as newer Bromptons have evolved in their own strange and unique way so have the specs, and people have used either set-up since a long long time ago… I don’t know, but I do you see;

    1/8″ (0.125″, 3.18 mm) chain is used on most single-speed bicycles, and bicycles with internal gearing. Whilst 3/32″ (0.094″, 2.30 mm) chain is used on derailleur equipped bicycles that have more than 3 cogs at the rear.
    Pin length should be about 8.6 mm (width) for your average single-speed chain if you measure it with a vernier caliper and decreases as number of cogged gear speeds increase from x1-12.

    This is straight from the Brompton Website… ;

    Chains for each of the different gearing options are available. The 3/32” width chains …
    When fitting a new chain the sprockets must be replaced at the same time. (What size do you have? Or are purchasing…?)
    Some earlier Bromptons will have been built with 1/8” chains and sprockets. The combinations of chain wheel and sprocket required are the same as in the table above, but the 1/8” chain must, of course, be used in combination with 1/8” sprockets only. The tool-free connecting link cannot be used with a 1/8” width chain. (gives you a visual clue maybe)

    I hope this is somewhat helpful, You’ll actually have to measure something or refer yourself to the local bike shop if you cannot.
    You could always send me pictures, I can probably tell you from those, but from what you’ve given me you might as well tell me what wheel size it’s got… 😉

    In reverse order of importance!;

    – How old is your bike, are you the original purchaser?
    – Do you have a traditional Split Link or Tool-free connecting link in your chain?
    – Can you read any branding or spec on either Cog / Chain / Chainset?

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