Shimano MF-TZ06 SiS 6 Speed 14-28T Threaded Multiple Freewheel

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Shimano MF-TZ06 SiS 6 Speed Cassette 14-28T Threaded Multiple Freewheel

Six gears of the Shimano MF TZ06 Mulitple Freewheel 6 speed 14-28T ensure a smooth transition when shifting up or down the block. A reliable 6-speed screw-on freewheel, engineered for smooth chain movement up or down the block. This freewheel can be easily installed onto compatible screw-on type hub and is suitable for mountain bikes and a wide range of other cycles.

  • This freewheel will index with any Shimano compatible 7-speed shifter.
  • This freewheel will fit on any mountain, hybrid or road hubs with a threaded drive side.
  • Compatible with all brands of 7 speed chains including Shimano HG & IG
  • Its usually good practice to replace your chain when replacing a worn or damaged freewheel.
  • Weight: 425 grams



Used: Some minor scratches as expected from a used item, logo partially worn.. Teeth partially worn but in useable condition with a part worn chain.  

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