10mm BMX Stunt Pegs Knurled Steel

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  • 10mm Axle Hole Drilling
  • 37 x 110 mm

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BMX Stunt Pegs – Matte Black

  • Durable steel construction, ideal for awesome stunts and tricks
  • Knurling for increased grip when grinding
  • Suitable for most BMX bikes
  • Fits 10mm BMX axles

BMX Stunt Pegs – Matte Black

The BMX Stunt Pegs – Matte Black are a brilliant way to customise your bike, as well learning new tricks. And if you really want to make your bike stand out, then these stunt pegs are the way to go.  BMX Stunt Pegs are heavier duty compare to “Trick Nuts” and often thicker, the most common size is 37mm diameter X 110mm Length, they are not threaded as this creates a stronger fixing when using wheel nuts and you can tighten them up using an extension bar on a ratchet or T-bar 3/8″ Square and often an extended socket will be required for some extra long axles.

  • Fit’s 10mm Axles
  • 37 x 110 mm
  • Front or Rear
  • Black, painted finish
  • 573g per pair
  • Drilled Axle Hole, not threaded mounting
    *Through Hole, which requires the use of wheel nuts to hold them in place.


What Are Bike pegs For?

BMX bike pegs, or BMX stunt pegs, are essential for any freestyle rider looking to try new kinds of tricks. The pegs attach to your wheel axles, so you can have up to four on your bike. Pegs are used for many common tricks such as rail and ledge grinds as well as flatland stunts and are therefore associated with freestyle BMX rather than race or dirt jumping. When buying pegs, you can choose from different materials, axle sizes, lengths and diameters.

While most BMX pegs are designed to fit the standard 10 mm in the front wheel axle and the 14 mm in the rear, you should always check before buying that the pegs will fit.

Are Metal or Plastic Pegs Better?

There are advantages to both metal and plastic pegs, and it largely depends on how you will use your pegs. Metal pegs are usually made from steel or aluminium. Steel pegs are durable and can withstand a lot of abuse, making them ideal for street BMX. Aluminium pegs offer a great balance between being strong and lightweight.

Meanwhile, plastic BMX pegs are more commonly used by park riders, as they slide well on metal. In most cases, when we are talking about plastic pegs we are often referring to peg sleeves, however some full plastic models do exist. These are lightweight, affordable and easy to replace, however are not as durable as metal bike pegs.

How to Fit and Remove Bike pegs

Adding and removing pegs is a relatively straightforward process. However, you will need a socket spanner, deep-well socket and an Allen key. The first thing you want to do is to remove the washer and axle nut from the axle. Then, place your peg onto the wheel axle and thread your axle nut through the peg. Then use a socket spanner to tighten both the peg and axle nut. To remove the pegs, do the opposite process and turn the socket spanner counterclockwise.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to rotate your pegs from time to time. This will help increase their longevity.

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