RideUK BMX Mag issue No.109 – November 2007

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Ride BMX Magazine #[issue] [month] [year] RideUK BMX Mag  issue No.109 - November 2007 After 23 Years in print RideUK BMX Mag is now going digital, this is a rare window into the past a collectable if you will.   May have been read! But in great condition.

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RideUK BMX Mag issue No.109 – November 2007

issue 109 – november 2007 (2)
Robbo moto whips on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Dirtbox. Media studies by Stece Bancroft.
Snippet: Deadend frame.
Videoplayer: Tex Thayer Elusion.
Screen burn: Edd Allen.
Top fives: Ian Gunner.
Lucky sevens: Cookie.
Snippet: Ashley Charles.
Six minutes with Jon Taylor.
Industry: Primo main man Nate Moroshan and John Morgado from Ryder Distro in Canada.
DVD box: Nang, The Make What’s that, Props 66.
Flat matters: Keelan Phillips.
New stuff: BSD, Federal, Macneil, The Shadow Conspiracy, Snafu, Tree, United, …
Framework: Federal 1066, Mutiny Nocturnal, Terrible One 5 A Day, United Squad, United 40.
Bike reviews: Wethepeople Custom Lo-Fi, 24-Seven Twenty.
The pivotal project: Darcy Saccucci interview.
Myspaz vs video sessions vs winter. Rhys’ internet troubles.
One man and his leg: Alex Hale.
Summer of Fit.
Staying srong, two and a half jams from the wettest trails season since records began: 2&8 Murray jam, Epsom, Brighouse.
United’s Euro Megatour.
Bicycle Union Megasnore Europe.
Shadow team in Atlanta.
Informer: Merlin Mason interview.
Informer: Kris Bennett interview.
Weekenders: Rebel jam.
Pro bike check: Dan Lacey’s Federal Notorious and Joe Fox’s S&M LAF.
Textbook: Icepicks by Phil Aller.
20 questions: Niki Croft.
WTF? Shaun Hadlington, Devon Peril and Alki.
Park Warden: Crawley.
Stripped: Girls and cars.
Icon: Profile, october 2007: The new issue of Ride is now out, Mutiny’s Robbo features on the cover! Closely followed up by One Man and his Leg, a story of Alex Hale who lost his leg in an accident but hasn’t let it get in the way of his riding. The next 16 pages are occupied by The Summer of Fit. Staying Strong comes next with what was supposed to be the UK trails jams article, unfortunately the weather took a dump and this was reduced. Two and half jams out of 6 still isn’t bad though. Cheers mother nature. United and Bicycle Union then go on the Props Euro Megatour, Bancroft and Jon Dye do their best to cover Barcelona and London respectively. The Shadow Conspiracy team go on another vacation, this time to Atlanta. Two informers this issue, one for Merlin Mason and one for Kris Bennet. and Pivotal/Macneil’s Darcy Saccucci gives some depth the the history and future of the Pivotal system.
For the regulars this issue Rhys talks about internet troubles, Leeroy gives a Snippet on Dead End Bikes, Flat Video DJ Tex Thayer talks about videos and so does Edd Allen, Ian Gunner makes sure we all know he likes Drum N Bass, Cookie’s luckiest moment is sleeping in the back of a van, Ashley Charles on his signature bars, Jon Taylor talks for Six Minutes, Industry’s with Nate Moroshan and John Morgado, DVD reviews include Nang and The Make as well as Props 66, Keelan Phillips get questioned by Chris Job for Flat Matters, Dan Lacey and Joe Fox get Bike Checks while Niki Croft gets 20 Questions, Devon Peril and Alki and Shaun Hadlington (who whip hops a canal from flat!), Crawley gets a visit from the Park Warden, Northern Jon reflects on how cars and girls have distracted so many riders and the Icon of the issue is the Profile Racing Crank.
A packed issue indeed. Now I’m going up for air…Bart de Jong,, october 2007: I like it when magazines are just numbered. That way you don’t have to fool the readers with how recent your copy is and you can still sell it in the newsstands as the copy of this month. Ride BMX USA has released the December issue already but to my knowledge we are still in the month of October. Now that Ride BMX UK have gone monthly they could go by a monthly title too (this is the November issue) but why not simply call it issue 109. Man, 109 issues down and with 180 pages the fattest BMX magazine out there. It’s $7 bucks (USA) well spent as the new issue has the following features:
-One man and his leg (stop whining now)
-Summer of FIT (Staying in shape with drill insructor Rob-O)
-Staying Strong (Dirt jams for Stephen)
-Euro Mega Fools: United Bikes (Barca again)
-Euro Mega Fools: Bicycle Union (incl. Ashley Charles)
-Shadow team in Atlanta (doing things a little differently)
-Informer: Merlin Mason (by the Leeds locals)
-Informer: Kris Bennett (I love FISE)
The regulars include bike checks on Dan Lacey’s Federal and Joe Fox’s S&M, 20 questions with Niki Croft, WTF’s with Shaun Hadlington and Devon Peril & Alki and much much more.
Ad of the month is the Vans ad with Jon Taylor, a classic. No more Mad Jon, it’s RAD Jon from now on. Don’t ask him to do a handplant next time you see him. A turn bar will do.