RideUK BMX Mag issue No.110 – December 2007

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Ride BMX Magazine #[issue] [month] [year] RideUK BMX Mag  issue No.110 - December 2007 After 23 Years in print RideUK BMX Mag is now going digital, this is a rare window into the past a collectable if you will.   May have been read! But in great condition.

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RideUK BMX Mag issue No.110 – December 2007

issue 110 – december 2007 (2)
Ashley Charles on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft., november 2007: We’re in the middle of Winter’s Grip, and the December 2007 issue of Ride BMX UK is out now! Despite the fact that we now have to scrape ice off the car windscreen in the morning, the leaves are layered all over our spots, and the trails are becoming soggy messes, we’re still out there riding and putting the magazine together. So, what’s in issue 110? Even the basic Regulars in this issue read more like full-blown features – Rhys talks about his impressionable youth, we wrap up a season of flatland comps, the Glamorama Jam, an East PA Trails Jam, we checkout Darryl Tocco’s new Kink and Ricky Feather’s United bikes, show you about Hang-Tens, catch up with Scott Malyon, The Count, and Ben Basford, check out Lancaster’s concrete skatepark, plus we interview Shad Johnson, Martyn Tambling, Ralph Sinisi, James Hitchcox, Tom Blyth and Clint Reynolds, and check out the scene in Cheltenham. And those are just the Regulars!
As for the Features in this issue, check them out here:
Interview with Chris Doyle: We’ve been working on this one for nigh-on a year. But then, with someone as badass as Chris Doyle, it’s worth taking your time to do it properly. Here we present Mr Doyle’s first pro interview since his major sponsorship change…
Trails Jams 2.0: Autumnal weather changes and seasonal trails jams, this time from Bar End and Chertsey. If you want to see a horse, Edward Scissorhands and an F1 driver ride a bike, then look no further.
Interview? James Cox. In his own words – James Cox gives us his feedback on filming vs riding, web-edits, his future, getting into the rollie scene, and naked screaming idiots.
Small Town Tour: Mutiny Bikes. The Mutiny Bikes team heads out on the road, taking in some of the smaller towns that Texas has to offer – and man, did they meet some right ol’ tweakers on the journey…
Interview: Antony Lille. The quiet, reserved Superstar / BSD pro gets comfortable with his interview and tells us about riding fast, what his influences are, and why he doesn’t drive a car yet.
Informer: Matt Priest and Bob. Matt Priest burst onto the UK trails scene this year, so we figured a quick trip to his local spots was worthwhile before Winter kicked in. Oh, and some dude called Bob Manchester was there as well…Bart de Jong,, november 2007: Coming up with a new cover idea every month can be difficult. You can take a rad action shot but doing spomething special is usually the better idea. It requires some more effort but the result is always there. This cover shows Ashley Charles doing a barspin jump off a plank with a few brinks underneath. Not quite the extra labour to build that jump but it makes for a good cover anyway in front of that white (studio) wall. The December issue is full of interviews (Chris Doyle, James Hitchcox, Clint Reynolds, Tom Blyth, Martyn Tambling, Shad Johnston, Anthony Lille, James Cox and Ralph Sinisi) and has its fair share of jams and road trip reports. How-to: Check. News: Check. 20 questions with Scott Malyon: check. Park directory for the winter: check. Bike Checks on Darryl Tocco’s Kink and Ricky Feather’s United: check. Matt Priest and Bob article: check. Scene report on Cheltenham: check. Flat is dead: check. Issue number 110 has 180 pages. That should tell you enough.