RideUK BMX Mag issue No.157 – November 2011

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Ride BMX Magazine #[issue] [month] [year] RideUK BMX Mag  issue No.157 - November 2011 After 23 Years in print RideUK BMX Mag is now going digital, this is a rare window into the past a collectable if you will.   May have been read! But in great condition.

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RideUK BMX Mag issue No.157 – November 2011


issue 157 – november 2011
Leon Perkins on the cover., october 2011: Kicking things off with the cover this mouth, is Leon Perkins. “101 things to do in Skem before you die” Northern John was on hand to capture Leon whipping this bridge support structure in Skelmersdale. “One such object is a modern eyesore located in the heart of skelmersdale and has never seen the likes of us BMXers or has, october 2011: Breaking Boundaries, riding spots that have never been ridden before… From cover to cover, we’ve got a jam-packed issue you for this month! From bat-ridden tunnels, to untouched Estonian architecture, to recent events, to signature frames and a £5000+ WWWin competition that will literally blow your head off!, october 2011: In this issue:
Find out the reason behind Dan Paley moving to BSD, including a ‘Top 5’s’ from the man himself.
The story about the Etnies & United colab.
Informers from James Reynolds and Corey ‘Midget’ Walters.
Weekender events from the Cycle Show, G*Y*P*O Jam and VANS Kill The Line.
A Snippet on the Red Bull Back Yard Digger 2.
And more from Stefan Lantscher, Markus Wilke (where is now?), Nathan Williams, Leon Perkins and Peter Adam lays down the law with a Room 101.
Summer Wonderland: Estonia & Finland welcome Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Tommy Dugan, Aaron Ross, Tony Hamlin and Sergio Layos. After the 2011 Simpel Summer session in Finland, a group of riders including Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Tommy Dugan, Aaron Ross, Tony Hamlin and Sergio Layos – decided to spend four days in Helsinki, Finland and another four days in Tallinn, Estonia. The place that host’s the famous, Winter Simpel Session event, which is commonly known to be very cold and 3ft deep in snow, but not this time of the year! “Good friends, good times, cool cities, and more amazing spots than we knew what to do with. We literally found way more spots than we even had time to ride while we were there. Unique architecture, rad setups, you name it – the Finns and the Estonians really know how to build it.
Get Some Petty for the Genny: Two years later at the Tunnel. ,Two years ago, Nike 6.0 found a disused tunnel in the middle of nowhere and hosted an event where most of the worlds top riders came to compete together. Nike 6.0 left the tunnel fully intact for those in the area to ride, and now two years on, find out what’s going on in the bat ridden, dark, and spooky like tunnel… “…Bas Keep’s tyre-marks still sit firmly as the highest elevated bike-markings inside the tunnel…
Diamonds Are Forever. A crew of UK riders explore the diamond capital of the world – Antwerp. Robin Pearson and a bunch of UK ‘Snatch’ fans head to Antwerp not to trade diamonds like the Snatch character – Doug “The Head”. But to ride the many untouched street spots and skateparks that you wouldn’t of even heard about. Robin the photographer took a slightly different approach to shooting this article and shot the riding photos at a 45° angle to keep with the diamond theme. “You rode through dog shit then got a puncture. That’s the worst combo ever – Tony Watkinson”
Vive La Voyage: 22 Days in the Hell Bus! Haggler, Dunk, Cam Hardy and Arrash Saidi take their van in search of Europe’s riding Mecca. Follow them in their blue van, with almost next to no budget, through France and Spain! “The best experiences are the ones you hadn’t expected, and if you don’t plan anything then you cant be disappointed.
Ben Hennon & His Lady Luck. “What it actually means to get a signature frame…” Hoffman Bikes put’s together the first UK Pro rider signature frame, and what better than to put Ben Hennon’s name on it! Find out the full story in the mag as Ben answers a few questions for us about his Lady Luck frame.
Kris Kyle’s new stead. Kris Kyle has had his ‘Trailorpark’ signature frame for a few years now, but he recently built up the new version. Be sure to check out what this “Wee crab” is shredding on nowadays…