RideUK BMX Mag issue No.164 – June 2012

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RideUK BMX Mag  issue No.164 - June 2012 After 23 Years in print RideUK BMX Mag is now going digital, this is a rare window into the past a collectable if you will.   May have been read! But in great condition.

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RideUK BMX Mag issue No.164 – June 2012

issue 164 – june 2012

COVER., may 2012: Mr Tech himself, Phil Demattia doing an Over Levitator on a very wet rail in Leeds…

INSIDE., may 2012: Caution When Wet! Riding anywhere outdoors during the last month was pretty much deemed a write-off. The UK is supposedly in a drought (even though it’s been raining constantly for over a month now) but despite the non-stop rain, we dug deep and battled on. This issue includes features from the UK (in the rain), Sunny California (not in the rain), a boat trip on the Atlantic Ocean and a selection of some Idiots Abroad…
In this issue:

• Cam Hardy gives us a ‘Bunch Of Fives’.
• Joss Fenn tells us what he ‘Love and Hates’.
• ‘On the Cover’ – We give you a rainy insight into Phil Demattia’s over levitator.
• More new frames, parts and clothing in ‘Fresh out the Box’.
• This month we ‘Test’ a complete Subrosa Letum.
• Up ‘For the Win’ this month is a Stolen Bike Co package.
• One of our photographers gives us ‘An Insight’ into the dangers of shooting BMX photos.
• We ‘Step Up’ this month with Rory Duncan and Dillon Lloyd.
• We ‘Catch Up’ with what Tom Forster has been up to.
• Eric Capone and Sean O’Connell get a ‘First Look’.
• Dean Cueson flys in with a ‘Say What’!
• Ty Hardy dices with disaster in this month’s ‘Thought Bubble’.
• We see ‘Where?’ old school legend Dave Young is now.
• We take a look back at what went down at this years Simple Session with ‘Something For The Weekend’.
• Check out ‘What They Ride’ with Ben Lewis and Jonny Devine.
• A ‘24 Hours’ at home with special with Sergio Layos.
• Our ‘Spot Check’ this month is at the new Market Harborough park.
• And finally, an ‘Insight’ article with the legend that is Ruben Alcantara.

Persistence Pays Off. The Phil Demattia Interview. He’s not your average, everyday rider and most definitely has his own riding style. He doesn’t smoke, he runs a brake and he’s a wacky guy, but yet rides for the DUB team. Here is Phil Demattia… Enough said. “…What do you call a ginger kid with glasses? Names…”
California Dreaming. Sun, Sea and Schools with the Madera Team. Follow three Midwesterns and a Floridian as team Madera head to California for the sun, sea and schools… “…I think she should have just looked up at the palm trees all around her and thought “Oh I’m in California, lifes good”…”
All Hands On Deck. A week at sea with the Amity Bikes Crew. After spending a few weeks in Tenerife, team Amity Bike Co set sail to further islands in search of spots around the Canaries. “…We are all men, and admitting seasickness would be a sign of weakness…”
Idiots Abroad. A European adventure of calamity and misfortune. Isaac Lesser, a Bruza and Billy Purcell head to Rotterdam with absolutely no budget or clue. What’s the worst that could happen… “…The three of them are such simple creatures, part of me was wondering what had I let myself in for…”

‘What They Ride’ with Ben Lewis.
A ‘Insight’ with BMX Legend Ruben Alcantara.