RideUK BMX Mag issue No.166 – August 2012

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RideUK BMX Mag  issue No.166 - August 2012 After 23 Years in print RideUK BMX Mag is now going digital, this is a rare window into the past a collectable if you will. * includes FREE STUFF - Ride to Glory DVD as advertised on the cover. May have been read! But in great condition.

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RideUK BMX Mag issue No.166 – August 2012

issue 166 – august 2012

COVER., april 2012: Winning Road To Glory team get’s the cover and Stay Strong’s team manager, Adam Aloise was the man for the job as he rides up the wall of one the sketchiest full pipes in the UK.

INSIDE., april 2012: Finally, it’s here! The one you’ve been waiting for all year, the Ride To Glory 2012 magazine. We have had so many people tweeting and messaging us asking when this is going to drop, and we are more than happy to say that it is out now in the shops! This month’s issue is bigger than normal, has the cover-mounted Ride To Glory DVD, and even comes with some sweeties on the front for you to have a nibble on.

• BSD’s international rider, David Grant gives us his ‘Bunch of Fives’
• We find out the Make’s, Chicken ‘Loves & Hates’
• We ‘Tested’ a United Supreme complete bike and a bunch of other fresh new products and frames.
• A massive Ride To Glory package is up ‘For the Win’.
• We give you an ‘Insight’, into how the cover photo was shot, the rules and challenges and what it’s like in the back of one of team’s bus.
• ‘Working on the Road’ with the TMs, Filmers and Photographers.
• Maxime Charveron looks back at his Ride To Glory tattoo for this month’s ‘Thought Bubble’.
• A special MVP award this year for the rider who got the most points overall, any guesses who?
• ‘What They Ride’ bike checks with Ride To Glory riders Max Wood, Mike Hodder and all the Team Managers.
Plus the usual Ride UK features, entertaining letters and loads more!

Stay Strong. Somehow finding time for BMX and challenges in a week of pure laughter Read about this year’s winners, Stay Strong, gained the pole position all whilst having nothing more than a good time… “…With the shifting schedules and gradually inverting sleeping patterns, it seemed it was more likely that we’d be getting moon tans than sun tans…”
BSD. Third time unlucky. Previous year’s winners and allround sick guys, BSD, head to London for a week long battle against rain, security guards and dressing up as Cam Hardy… “…Johnny vegas seemed like a cool guy so we gave him a bsd dvd to take home…”
The Make. We got the hell outta there! In their usual underdogs style, The Make, say a big F_ck you to the rain, smog and fog by all boarding a plane bound for Tenerife. Read about they had a beast of a trip, smashed a load of challenges, got dangerous driving tickets and came a very respectable third place… “…And just like that in a whirlwind of sun, sea and smith grinds we were back in the ukon the last day of the trip…”
Wethepeople. The obvious choice for a good time. Wethepeople rekindled their love for the Emerald Isle by heading to the homeland of Jason Phelan, Ireland. Having gone there 5 years ago on their first ever Ride To Glory adventure they attempted to relive the dream as it were, but was it all plain sailing at sea..? “…Max came pedalling down the bumpy stairs and then tooth picked the rail straight into the sea, holding on all the way like a crash test dummy…”
Proper Bike Co. Attempting to conquer europe. Team Proper in their laid back style cruised over to Europe and got more Google Earth spots ticked off than you could shake a stick at… “…Through years of european travel, chance encounters, trawling skate mags and google earth jamie has amassed a true bible of rideable terrain…”
S&M. Deploy the hoder. Mike Hoder and 4 English guys team up to smash the streets of Sheffield and Hull for a week long adventure of brawls, beers and Little Chef life. Warning, contains Mike Hoder… “…The motorists stopped behind us must have been completely baffled by this enormous man with neck tattoos jumping out of a moving vehicle and senselessly beating the shit out of one of its windows…”

Team Managers Bikes.
Flat Bar Challenges.
For The WIN.
Hoder Bike Check
Max Wood Bike Check