RideUK BMX Mag issue No.169 – November 2012

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RideUK BMX Mag  issue No.169 - November 2012 After 23 Years in print RideUK BMX Mag is now going digital, this is a rare window into the past a collectable if you will. * includes FREE Stickers as advertised on the cover. May have been read! But in great condition.

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RideUK BMX Mag issue No.169 – November 2012

issue 169 – november 2012

Style cat Matt Priest boosts himself onto the cover with this huge downside foot plant on the roof of an abandoned building.

Taking the Rough with the Smooth. Be sure to get your hands on this issue as not only is it covered from front to back with stickers, but it features some pretty crazy articles such as the DC US team hitting 3 different Asian countries, Fly Bikes flowing around various spots, as only they do, the Colony Bikes team take on a UK shop tour, a fitting and personal Memorial piece to Randy Taylor and we have three interviews this month featuring cover star Matt Priest, Florida native Trey Jones and The Hunt edit winner Eddie Zunda. And we still have a few pages spare, so let’s go have a good look inside…

• A ‘Bunch of Fives’ with Liverpudlian tech wizard Paul Ryan
• Ryan Guettler gives us his ‘Love & Hates’ this month.
• Behind the scenes ‘Cover Story’ with Matt Priest.
• ‘WIN’ a HUGE Ride UK Reader Awards package.
• We hit 3 ‘Weekenders’ featuring Kill The Line, The Yard Jam and Gamescom Spine Battle.
• An ‘Insight’ into both Greg Illingworth’s anticipated upcoming article and Jason Phelan gets all Para Extreme.
• We ‘Say What’ with Brandon Kitson.
• We ask ‘Where Are They Now’ with Lorenzo Reid.
• Another new park ‘Spot Check’ on 360, in Richmond.
• Two pros tell us ‘What They Ride’ and why with Pete Sawyer and Jeremiah Smith
Plus the usual Ride UK regulars, product reviews, entertaining letters and more!

Classic Priest. The Matt Priest Interview. This month’s cover star Matt Priest features a long overdue full length interview telling us more about his sponsors, friends, local spots, traveling and digging trails before school… “It was literally like a carrot in front of my face and I wanted to chase it! If you get to do what you love with your friends, it seems like a no-brainer”
Ill In Asia. DC Shoes In Indonesia, Malaysia And Thailand. We travel with US DC riders Jeremiah Smith, Alfredo Mancuso, Dylan Stark and an injured Rob Wise through Asia, where they visit Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand to do demos on beaches, signings with nuns and tear about on scooters through some of the most diverse places on the earth… “Walking out of the neighborhood and back into the skatepark felt like i had
teleported to another dimension.”
Life On The Run. Colony UK Take To The Road. Aussie brand Colony make the trip over to the UK for their first shop tour. Featuring Chris Courtenay, Ryan Guettler, Sam Dave-Bates, Cooper Brownlee, Liam Vance and of course the most famous of them all… Eddy The Great! “We drove for hours almost every day and almost certainly drove for more hours than we rode”
Ora Francis Jones III Aka – Trey Jones. Cult rider and Florida native Trey Jones, doesn’t follow trends, doesn’t follow rules and most definitely does it for himself. Find out more about this guy and his opinions in his mini interview… “But at the same time I’m not the BMX police, I’m not trying to put rules in BMX or whatever, I just really think that type of riding sucks…”
One More Euro Table. Fly Bikes On The French Swiss Border. After the ‘By the Lake’ Jam in Annecy, the Fly Bikes style cats, Matt Roe, Kevin Kalkoff, Ruben Alcantara and Stefan Lantschner hit up random spots across the French, Swiss border. “Everyone knows that all the Fly riders are a stylish bunch, but Roey has got that extra something special that makes that little bit of difference.”
Easy Ez. An Interview With Eduards Zunda. Eddie Zunda is on everyone’s radar right now after winning this years HUNT competition. We went to his home, which he calls Latvia and shot some photos, took in some traditions and mixed with the locals, good times… “I didn’t know what to do, I was afraid to show him that I had broken the frame he had made me, so I just hid it!”
Randy Taylor Memorial. Rest In Peace. Randy Taylor sadly passed away last month so we decided to dedicate this article to him, featuring a few of his closest friends remembering the good times, the man himself and the things they will miss the most about him… “Randy was a character of his own kind. He lived by his own rules, which he most certainly made up as he went along. His spontaneity and creativity were some of his best traits.”

What they ride with Pete Sawyer
Weekender with VANS Kill The Line.
Where are they now with Lorenzo Reid.