RideUK BMX Mag issue No.170 – December 2012

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Ride BMX Magazine #[issue] [month] [year] RideUK BMX Mag issue No.170 - December 2012 After 23 Years in print RideUK BMX Mag is now going digital, this is a rare window into the past a collectable if you will.   May have been read! But in great condition.

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RideUK BMX Mag issue No.170 – December 2012

Issue 170 – December 2012


Issue 170 is about to hit the shelves, this month Alex Kennedy graces the front cover with a rad smith to feeble to toboggan while on the DUB BCN MVP trip. This is Alex’s second appearance on the cover of Ride UK, the first time back in issue 126 in 2009. Alex has come a long long way in the three years since then!

Inside we’ve got a full report on the DUB BCN MVP trip plus Texas Toast, Proper in Bilbao, the Vans Rebel Jam and much more! If you’re in the market for a new bike this Christmas, we also tested 8 complete bikes that you should consider looking at. Let’s go have a good look inside…

In this issue:

• A ‘Bunch of Fives’ with San Diego’s Gary Young
• Dan Boiski gives us his ‘Love or Hate’.
• ‘WIN’ a Premium Solo Plus complete bike
• We ‘Step Up’ with northern shredder Sean Oconnell
• This weekender showcases what went down at the first Ride UK Shop Battle at the Cycle Show
• We take a ‘First Look’ at Lewis Anderson
• We also put Dennis Enarson ‘On The Spot’
• ‘Where Are They Now’ with the legendary Chico Hooke
• Trail’s Gloves for this month’s ‘Thought Bubble’
• Another new park ‘Spot Check’ with Mags on Ramps in Halifax
• Two riders tell us ‘What They Ride’ and why with Proper’s Sam Cunningham and FIT UK’s Addy Snowden
• ‘Insight’ into Surrey Trails…

Plus the usual Ride UK regulars, product reviews, entertaining letters and more!


Heat on the streets in the lead up to rebel jam


DUB BMX including Dan Lacey, Oliver Evans, Alex Kennedy, Ben Lewis, Josh Roberts and more head to the street mecca of Barcelona to finish filming for the DUB DVD before heading to Rebel Jam…




“Fernando led us all across the dance floor, whipped back a velvet rope and BAM! he had led us all into some sort of VIP area.”

BMX coming together to make bmx happen


Texas Toast is not your average BMX contest but more of a gathering of riders making BMX happen. See what went down on the weekend from our very own Texas correspondent, Walter Pieringer




“It was pretty clear that a lot of people were stoked that a legitimate and cool grassroots contest was going on and went out their way to show up”

Tails Of September
The Compression Trails trip.


Just after the VANS Kill The Line event in the South of France, the likes of Chris Doyle, Heath Pinter, Dave Dilleward, Jason Rickwood, Maxime Bimer and more spend 7 days hitting trails around the South of France.




“I met a lot of cool new trails crews, rode some amazing new spots,
and now have tonnes of new ideas to start re-shaping my trails.”

A Week In Hillbao
An uphill struggle with Proper Bikes


Proper Bike Co’s Sam Cunningham, Jamie Guile and Janis Cunculis, head to Bibao to film for the Proper City series edit (which you can watch here).




“I guess the fact that it’s so hilly is responsible for this abundance of rideable architecture you just have to work that little bit harder to get there”

The VANS 2012
Rebeljam lost in paradise


The 2012 VANS Rebejam was held in one of the best locations you could ever hold on contest, we go in deep and give you all the details that went down…




“…These are some of the best e memories you will ever make, so savour them and enjoy them whilst they are in your head because you might lose that soon…”

Complete Nightmare
8 Complete Bikes go to hell and back in Hastings…


We head down South to your favorite bike shop The Source and test out 8 complete bikes from Sunday, Stereo, Blank, Social, Fit Bike Co, Mirraco, Amity, and Wethepeople.