Used 14g Galvanised Steel Plain Gauge Spokes


  Used Spokes: Not perfect but functional, these are not shiny nor cosmetically attractive like others but they will therefore match your existing spokes maybe without standing out.


Used 14g Galvanised Steel Plain Gauge Spokes

Spokes one original wheels may come as standard with plated steel spokes, they are often galvanised to protect them and this ages and wears. They have a dull and speckled finish as they age they are prone to corrosion and more susceptible to trail damage than stainless spokes will be.

Brands will vary as will finish and condition, no guarantee can be provided that all spokes for a given set will match but sufficient length and quantity can always be provided, please enquire before completing your purchase.

Manufactured from steel to ensure the optimum combination of strength and performance. These spokes being hand cut there may be a fluctuation in length of plus or minus 1mm. This is also true of the length of the thread on the spoke


  • Length in mm varies, all kinds of random lengths available.
  • 2.0mm / 14g
  • J-Bend Round
  • Steel
  • Plain Gauge Spokes
  • Weight: 5g approx per spoke (nipples not included)


Additional information

Weight 0.0046 kg
Dimensions 19 × 1 × 1 cm


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