Labour: Custom Wheel Build

Original price was: £50.00.Current price is: £25.00.

Great if you've got tired of snapping cheap OEM Spokes, rebuild your wheel with new spokes... Save your rim (it could be worth a bit!) if possible, save your hub too if you like or change them both just for the fun of it to try something new.    


Labour: Custom Wheel Build


Hand-built wheels are a bespoke product and, naturally, prices vary.

We charge £50 labour per wheel plus the cost of your components and spokes.

We’re able to supply almost any components that you need. Typically we prefer to use either Sapim or DT Swiss Spokes.


Why Handbuilt Custom Wheels?

We believe that exceptional wheels make exceptional bicycles. With a little bit of care, time and knowledge you can transform a bike beyond the ‘off-the-peg’ and beyond the ordinary.

Expertly built, bespoke, hand-built bicycle wheels can last a lifetime, can help you to ride further and faster and improve your experience on two wheels.

Lighter and stronger than stock, hand-built bicycle wheels increase acceleration, improve handling, increase maximum speed and reduce the amount of effort needed to get you there.

With a set of hand-built wheels you buy not only performance but longevity and dependability.


Labour Charge only, applies to wheels using standard lacing patterns and J-bend spokes*.

*does not include spokes or fancy patterns pricing may change with options. Spoke threading and cutting charged separately per spoke if required, this service is available on request for non-standard length builds.