Headset Service: Labour Charge


Labour Charge for a Headset Service does not include parts and may require additional work.   Headtube, steerer, bearings inspected, cleaned, regreased or replaced accordingly and readjusted to provide smooth operation again. Any wear or problems will be addressed, this does not include removing pressed fittings from the frame.

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Headset Service: Labour Charge

Q. What is this item?

A. A headset is the part of the bike that connects the fork to the bike frame, while allowing you to steer.

Q. How will I know if I need this service?

A. If you’re finding ‘play’ (unwanted movement) or a grinding, crunchy sensation when steering/ turning the handlebars, it’s likely you need your headset servicing.

Q. What are the benefits going forward?

A. Maintaining your headset will increase its lifespan. As well as this, steering will be smooth and easy.


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