Tacx T3175 Exact Wheel Truing Stand

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Used: In reasonable condition, with signs of use I've been using these in the workshop and as a mobile truing stand for years.

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Tacx T3175 Exact Wheel Truing Stand

With perfectly aligned wheels your bicycle will move faster and better. Radial and lateral errors can cause poor performance.

Tacx has a perfect wheel truing stand and in combination with the wheel alignment gauge and a nipple key you can align your wheels quickly and easily. The Tacx Exact Wheel truing stand is accurate for checking height and sideways rotation. The wheel holders can be tilted forwards or backwards, so that the truing stand can be placed in any desired position. To prevent damage to the rims, the truing pins come with protective caps.


  • The Exact fits on working surfaces with a thickness of between 2 and 5cm and is suitable for wheels from 16 to 28 inches.



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