Smart Superflash 1/2 Watt Rear LED Light – Fix intermittent and Dim Lights

Push switch is mounted too close to the case, this will need gently bending to move it inwards.

Tools required
Long nose pliers
Stanley Knife
2d or 2p to open the case
Drinks can, or suitably small thin washers
Cut a small chip from the top of a drinks can, you need to size this to fit behind the batteries positive contact to force it forward towards the battery.

You’ll need to use the knife to move the contact forward to give you space.

Here I used a chip from the can
Here I used a washer, but I only had the one…

Next you’re going to need to close up the gaps a little and use the pliers to crimp the battery terminals a little tighter to give the +ve terminal a bit of room to make contact without binding on the case

The switch will need gently bending to move it over just enough to stop it automatically triggering on the case.

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