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While many of our customers delight in spending a weekend diligently tweaking, overhauling or repairing their bicycles, many riders do not have the time, the tools or the inclination to do it themselves. If this sounds like you, why not pop your bike into the shop for a free safety checkover so we can discuss your service requirements.

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Bicycle Seat Rail Removal Repairs and Cover Fixing including Saddle Rail Reinstallation

This is often a problem that requires a replacement saddle, bent rails and a crash impact can both mean you saddle has slipped from it's perch and left you in...

Bafang BF1808H66200-1 36V 250W Rear Hub

Has your bike lost it's Oomph, does it now feel like it does 0.0mph extra to your effort? Do you know how your hub looks on the inside? You can't...

What goes into your bike when it’s “Serviced”…

Here's a bike that looked a little worse for wear, it wasn't very old or very used, just neglected and very poorly built and adjusted from when it was new....

Cycling, Exercise & CORONAVIRUS COVID-19

If you can run you can ride, balance isn't your problem... & Loo Roll isn't the answer Fear is a really powerful motivator, are you that sick already? If you're...