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We’re now taking Offers…

It’s a big step, but it’s here… In Trial form for now so we’d appreciated your patience as we test this feature out on our website. We’ve added this to all products starting today but this will slowly reduce in time to selected lines only featured on certain items. You’ll first need to be logged…

Deore Crank Door Handles

We’ve been busy: New Door Handles…

So what can you do once you’ve stripped your pedal threads or found a loosening spider creaking away? Turn them into new door handles of course. How about that for a simple but very effective solution, two Shimano Deore M510 Crank Arms make very good XL Door Handles for the Workshop…        …

RSD BMX Jersey Size Guide-01

Brent BMX Club: Are you ready… for 2016

So, we’ve got the real beginnings of a team brewing for 2016, in anticipation I’ve put together the following order, and their now listed on our website along with the sizing chart. I’ve got the following coming in for PLAIN jerseys, we’ll keep these on display in the container; x1 XXXSJ x1 XXSJ x1 XSJ x1 SJ…

Ray Baum Race Footage

Rare Footage from 1976 Kawasaki BMX Race at Saddleback Park

It’s taken a few years but in 2011, Producer and Director Todd Huffman of “The Motocross Files” acquired reels of lost footage from the 1976 motocross series shot by a young filmmaker from San Diego named Ray Baum. The footage had never been edited into anything so after transferring thousands of feet of film into…

1997_01 model chart

The Cannondale Head Shok Moto 120 Super Downhill Fork 1996 – 1998

The Fork was manufacturered between 1996-98 MSRP : $800.00 and got rave reviews all round, won a few world title’s… Cannondale of nostalgia SUPER V DH specification.  This model ’96 SUPER V DH ACTIVE (finished vehicles), ’97 SUPER VDH 4000 (finished vehicles), ’98 SUPER V DH was released as (frame set).  Factory bike was riden in 2000…


Brent BMX Club Race Jerseys available to order…

Custom printed RSD Sports BMX jersey There is nothing better than being part of something, no matter if it is a full factory team resplendent with liveried trucks and E-Z ups, or simply a group of mates propping up the back end of the BMX Track, being in a team is cool! But to be part of…

Diamondback NNY 2011

My BMX Bike, 2011 Diamondback NNY

Diamondback NNY I got this bike quite some time ago, it’s lasted me well with a few additional bits it’s lasted even longer.  I got this for a puerile want of a freecoaster and hadn’t ever owned one so I thought it’d be fun, it was… It came pre-2011 as the spec’d model to sell form it…

Wheel Sizes Explained, ETRTO, Imperial, & Radius

Size Markings What do the various size markings on bicycle tires mean? Nowadays, bicycle tire sizes are all marked according to ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organization) European standard.However, older English and French tire size dimensions are still used as well covering multiple abbreviations such as 26er / 27.5 / 29er The ETRTO size specification…


Saturday 20: Brent BMX Club, Dr Bike and Sunday 21 June: ELBO BMX Club

Hello Guys & Girls, We’re sorry to have to announce neither Alex nor myself will be at Brent BMX Club,  this weekend. I’m off to Lundy Island for a few days, maybe a spot of diving, canoeing… It’s a rare occasion I get a Holiday It also seems weather wasn’t going to be on our…

Cog 25t Sprocket Card & Phone - 500px

Lail Arad – Milo

Catchy, we’re back! And what a’lil’ tune, you should check out this…   Video by Yair Neuman & Lail Arad – Special thanks to Dominik Osvald, Jee Park, Tupac Ferreira and Kwame Ferreira


Previously! Available Now, Daewoo Folding Bike

Right now (UPDATE: You’re reading old content, but thanks for checking us out… We’ve sold this item now, take a look at our other offerings, we’ve always got more not yet listed too…) we have an auction for this lovely little red Daewoo folding bike ending this week, Perfect for commuting making it easy to hop on a bus or…

Cog 25t Sprocket Card & Phone - 500px

Lil Wayne: Bring It Back ft. Mannie Fresh

Cog 25t Sprocket Card & Phone - 500px

Corinne Bailey Rae: Put Your Records On

Summer has started, Girl, Put your Records on!  

Brazilian Girls – Good Time

Catchy little tune…   They’ve got quite a sound about them, sassy sounding sexy breathy vocals, creeping strings allude to more… Check out their whole album.