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What goes into your bike when it’s “Serviced”…

Here’s a bike that looked a little worse for wear, it wasn’t very old or very used, just neglected and very poorly built and adjusted from when it was new. Here’s how it’s looked before work started, lost of rust and a chain that’s solid! The Freewheel looks worse than it is actually, everything moves except the cables look like they shouldn’t they do a little, it’s got a bit of promise!

Challenge Sceptre 24" 18 Speed Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Blue 16"
Challenge Sceptre 24″ 18 Speed Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Blue 16″

Why choose this bike, for the purposes of this article, well it was simple, it’s getting a lot of hits! So it seemed like simple exposure, if you are thinking of buying this bike you’re in for a little treat as the labour alone would normally cost you more than this bike would brand new…
As the level of work and parts count goes up so will the price, so here’s some of what you can expect now it’s going to be serviced it’s basically being stripped to component form and rebuilt.

Maybe the wheel’s got pinched for another bike too, so we’re rebuilding them with some bits left around, it’s getting the works treatment, or at least a lot more than it was going to originally. Seeing as the wheels are apart, the freewheels removed, it’s time to give everything a clean.

Dismantled Freewheel
Dismantled Freewheel with two cogs and freehub already cleaned up.

Watch this space to find out how the cranks turned out, the shock spring was pretty orange too, and I’ll show you the secret hidden under the rusty chain and why it’s always worth having a look and checking a bike over before you ride off on it.

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Samm Henshaw – How Does It Feel?

More… Bikes in Music Videos

Continuing with the Bikes in Music Videos theme, we’ve found a fresh new summer anthem for you…
Including lyrics such as “It goes timeline, swipe right, deep like”, the upbeat track looks into the ways in love is viewed in our culture today

‘How Does It Feel’ is guaranteed to be one that gets you moving, as Henshaw told Hot Press“I just really wanted to start a conversation on what love really is. We talk about love so much in society but are we truly living it?” Iniabasi Samuel Henshaw (born 22 February 1994), professionally known as Samm Henshaw, is a British singer, songwriter and record producer of Nigerian descent, signed to Columbia Records.

Samm Henshaw – How Does It Feel? from Taz Tron Delix on Vimeo.


The video, directed by Taz Tron Delix (who has also worked on Declan McKenna’s ‘Humongous’ music video), has an aesthetically-pleasing retro feel to it. The low contrast, dramatic camera angles and zooms match the mood Henshaw creates with the soulful bluesy song.


Samm Henshaw – How Does It Feel? – Lyrics

How does it feel to be loved?

[Verse 1]
I just landed on this earth today
Heard people acting crazy over something strange
Brothers be paying for diamonds that they can’t afford
Just to keep up the appearance for a polaroid
All I see is something crazy I don’t understand
Ladies making babies just to keep a man
Fellas chasing Stellas when they got a Pam
They go from Stephanie to Bethany
From definitely to never be so

(How does it feel to be loved?)
Oh, how does it feel?
That’s what they say
Ooo, must be insane, oh yeah
(How does it feel to be loved?)
Somebody has gotta tell me, oh yeah

[Verse 2]
It goes time right, swipe right
Deep like five times
Don’t know what it sounds like
But someone told me it’s a little Marvin with some candle light
A little ocean on the weekend with a can of Sprite
I mean I love ’em white
Ooo, love is such a mystery
I’m so perplexed by all the things my eyes have let me see
People think that love is things like physicality
When in reality it’s meant to hold you down like gravity

(How does it feel to be loved?)
How does it feel to be loved?
That’s what they say
Oh my, must be insane, oh yeah
(How does it feel to be loved?)
How does it feel, how does it feel? Yeah

You see now
How am I supposed to find love?
If I don’t understand love
How am I supposed to be loved? ooh
And if I have to buy love
Then I don’t really want love
If this is what it means
The fighting and the screams
You want dependency
I need some therapy, oh
(How does it feel to be loved?)
I gotta know, I ain’t too sure
Somebody tell me how does it feel to be loved?

(How does it feel to be loved?)
I just wanna know, yeah
I just gotta know, yeah
How does it feel?
How does it feel to be loved?
Oh my
(How does it feel to be loved?)

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How do you service a BMX? Part 1

Wire Brushed Raw Steel BMX Parts

Servicing a BMX, your step by step go to guide…


So your bikes rattling, and a bit stiff, suffered a bit outside and probably a little worse for wear, does it need servicing and some tlc… Have you got rusty Bolts too?
Simple to do you need a strip down and rebuild, it breath a new lease of life into your steed and give it back that sure footed feeling.

Start by giving it a good wash, it’s easier to work on a cleaner bike, even if the dirt looks thin and dry, it’ll shift quickly with a wash and look better once it’s done.

So, first things first, get busy pulling it apart…

Step-by-Step Strip Down

  • Check the seatpost moves, and adjust it a bit maybe to;
  • Pop it in the workstand…
  • Remove the pedals
  • Disconnect the brakes
  • Loosen the Rear Wheel for chain slackening
  • Remove the cranks and Bottom Bracket
  • Remove the wheels
  • Remove the Brake Cables, then pads, then remove the Brake Calipers
    (take care not to separate the springs from the arms, their asymetrical mix them up and your brakes won’t work, worse still you might break  your brakes…)
  • Remove the Handlebar Stem, and Handlebars together, catching the forks
    (watch out! strap a leg to the downtube with a zip-tie to save yourself some toes)
  • Separate the parts on the bars

You should now be left with an almost bare frame… Maybe headset bearing cups and B/B cups remain, the seatpost can come out last, and go back in first, as will any cups you will need to replace.

The Tools Required

So what tools will you need to get this far? Only a few;

  • 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm Allen Keys
  • 15mm or 17mm / 19mm Spanners
  • Large Adjustable and or Plate Spanner
  • A small screwdriver / pry lever
  • A Cross Head Screwdriver

Now you’ll need to clean all the grime and muck off it, you’ll be surprised where it’s got to… Good old soapy water isn’t a bad start, but there’s good alternatives and GT85 will gut through most grime and grease a lot quicker at this stage.


Inspecting the damage

Once you’ve got everything cleaned up, you’ll be wondering whats good and what’s worn out, it’s often obvious but if it’s not I’ll cover it all here.

Deep cleaning, and servicing requires some wire wool, and a wire brush for cleaning any stubborn corrosion.

This is the crown race that’s been abused, and this is the good one replacing it.

The bearing surface should be free from pitting and raised bumps, these will feel bad when your steer and may cause further issues as sudden wear can occur at this point.

Anything that can’t be removed with some wire wool will tell you how you’re doing, if the surface wear is extreme or uneven it’s time for a replacement part.

Acceptable level of wear will show now signs of pitting or degraded surfaces, they should show a polish when clean, you should notice a wear path but it should be free from damage.

If your bearings are at all discoloured, pitted, rusty etc… It’s time to change them too, the retaining cage as well if it’s not cleanable, you can remove it adding extra balls to account for the added room and further increasing the life of the cups.


Sealed headsets are a bit different, and will require new bearing sets. These are often one of a few standards so it’s always worth checking the spec properly, they’re often marked with a bearing code for ACB Bearings this is important as the wrong size will damage your frame.



Cleaning for Painting


Wire Brushed Raw Steel BMX Parts
Parts Prepared for painting Wire Brushed Raw Steel BMX Parts












Painting for Finish

You’ll need a clean dust free, still but ideally open warm air environment but lets be too idealistic about what we want and work with what we’ve got.

Finished & Painted Parts for a BMX Rebuild
Finished & Painted Parts for a BMX Rebuild

Painted Bolts in a Wooden holding block
Painted Bolts in a Wooden holding block

A clean & dust free space will mean your parts have a good finish, even and solid paint finish that will stand up to the fresh abuse it will likely receive.

Applying paint in thin layers working you way around in coats will mean a nice consistent glossy (or matt finish) with good coverage and no drips, focusing too much on coverage will mean overspray and drips… In worst cases it will mean nothing works!

Reassembly of Painted Parts


Starting with the Cups if they’ve ben removed, then crowns, the B/B, Headset and Forks are the first things to get installed and we’ll cover that in Part 2, that’s it for now folks…









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What are the Correct Replacement Bolts for mounting your Bicycle Kickstands? 3/8″ – 16 TPI BSW Whitworth

What are the Correct Replacement Bolts for mounting your Bicycle Kickstands? 3/8″ – 16 TPI BSW Whitworth

Replacement Bolts for mounting your Kickstands are most likely a 16G 3/8″ Whitworth 55 deg Thread with a nominal metric diameter of 9.525mm, so close enough to M10 x 1.5mm but not quite, you’ll probably have trouble getting it to start although it may bit a little it’ll jam if you really try it or just take off the first thread.

It’s the kind of bolt you want to do up nice and tight, often util the mounting plate flexes under the bolt head, around 20 N.m / 14-15 lbf.ft Torque


The Correct Bolt

3/8″ 16G Whitworth 55 deg, 2″ Long, HEX Bolt (14mm Spanner, not 9/16″) with a Full Thread, preferably BZP Bright Zinc Plated, or Stainless Steel

75% tap
drill size
(in) (mm) (in−1) (mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm)
3/8 9.525 16 1.588 0.2950 7.493 516 8.0
0.375 9.82 16.333 1.588 0.3212 8.16 2164 8.2


So where do you get one of these? It’s a rather obsolete, and unobtainable part as bolts go, it’s a hard find. It’s the kind of thing you’ll find in a large selection pack of bolts, if you’re lucky you’ll have one in with your M10 bolts or close to hand.


What if I can’t find the correct bolt?

What’s best to do if you can’t find this rather obsolete bolt, what if I can’t find the correct bolt? Well given it’s size that it’s very easy to tap if you’ve got a bolt and tap set, I’d recommend that.  It just so happens the hole size is a good fit for the ISO Metric M10 x 1.5mm Bolt Thread Tap being around 8.25mm ID it’s a fraction undersize, but use lots of cutting fluid and it’ll make a good thread. This doesn’t work if you’ve got a striped thread, or if ,maybe the hole on your Chainstay welded or brazed-on kickstand plate

There are of course taps & dies available if you’ve got a bolt with only a short section of thread, and you may find you can get away with a bolt 1/2″ shorter if you’ve got narrow gauge tubing as the 2″ tends to be a bit longer than required once fully installed, it does however make installation easier and slightly less fiddly having a 2″ bolt.


I’ve seen the topic covered on bike forums . net and after tapping a thread, then finding a couple of Full Thread 2″ x 3/8″ 16 BSW Bolts it made sense to make some sense of it all, as forums are full of small snippets and often lend off topic confusion to the matter. Old bikes are full of strange threads, and a lot of older threads are now hard to come by.
I hope you’ve found this useful, obviously there will be changes to the metric bolts already from many manufacturers and if you’re lucky you’ll never need to come across this article. I’ve just spent a bit of time writing up this article on the mundane topic of these bolts and if it gets enough hit’s and attention I’ll get in some bolts maybe, but it gives a good idea of how to work around the problem and should give enough info to explain everything you’ll give up looking for normally unless you wonder around with a bolt in your pocket or use thread gauges…

You can find our range of Kickstands here.


If of course as you are reading this in the modern times, things are mainly and almost exclusively made using more standardised metric threads, ISO Metric M10 x 1.5mm Bolt Full Threaded should do the trick for most stands, but you can’t always be right can you!

There’s always the good old reliable addition of Loctite, or a thread locking compound, and if you’ve gone down the route of tapping your threads out I’d recommend using some… If nothing else, it’ll make sure your hard work works for a long time yet.

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Martin Dupre Stolen Bikes Funded – See the results, first build… GHP 24″ Expert

So you may have heard Martin’s 3 kids bike got stolen recently from his car right at the beginning of the season…

On Sunday 13th March 3 bikes were stolen from Martin Dupre’s Car whilst parked securely (at least thought this was the case) in Asda Car Park next to the NCC in Manchester, this was round 1 and 2 of the BMX National Series

Martin has been in touch with Asda but unfortunatley the CCTV are unable to pick up who stole them, due to the location of the camera, so Martin has been left with the headache of trying to replace these bikes!

As most of the BMX community know, race bikes are expensive and Martin’s bikes were of good spec, he has worked hard to try and buy the best for his kids.

it would be great if we can all give a little to help Martin replace these bikes.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and I know Martin and his family will be so grateful for anything you can give.

His successful gofundme netted enough to sort almost everything out luckily so he’e been able to continue the season, your support has meant a lot.
“The support offered has really made all the difference, between replacing them or having nothing!”  Martin would really like to thank everyone involved.

Thank you everyone who helped to raise money for Martin, it is truly amazing how many kind generous people are out there! We have managed to raise over £950 in total (a fee is taken from go fund for their service) and the money is on it’s way to Martin, hopefully this will help to replace the bikes stolen. Lisa xx

Martin would specifically like to thank the following people for their support;

Lisa Watson, Neil Anyon & GHP UK for the frame, Terry @ The BMX Store, George @ Edwardes, Billy Stupple, Michelle Eaton, Adrian Young, C.K. Flash & Peckham BMX for lending a bike, Daddy White, Big Mike, Rob Richards, Matthew Island, Morvan Boury, Andy Hefft, SK RacingTNT BMX CLUB, Leonard Cheeseman, Chris Curling,  Ben Curling, Big Daddy Plates, Crucial BMX, Jason Old School, Gary Munday, Steve Newton, Alix Desilles, Marcello Nisco, Danny Ricketts, Mark Hutt, Quillian Isidore, Dan Sturgeon, Keith Wilson, Paul Shriever, Dean Reeves, Jennie Riviere, Kai Riviere, Dean & Pistol Patten, Alan Humphrey, Stuart Harper, Nigel Beatty, Helene Pearce, Sharan Duhig, Laurent Delage, Mike Baggs, Brad Coombs, Steve Joyce, Michel Wisniewski, Pure Bicylces, The Fermor Clan, Nick Shue, Mark Brindle, The Bax Family, Michael Whittaker, The Short Family, The Cranshaw’s, The Ogrady’s, The Pope’s, Robert Wright, Fabie Catto, Carolyn Pantlin, Gareth Hart, Louise Young, GT Bicycles, 100+,  and many, many more than we’ve listed here… and not forgetting Kit here @ GMF…
yo mama!

Here’s some pictures, the build is as below;

Build Spec:

Frame: GHP 24″ Expert Cruiser
Forks: Elevn 24″
Handlebars: Crupi
Crankset: Crupi
Bottom Bracket: Token
Wheelset: Answer Mini Ti
Tyres: Intense ITS
Brakes: Shimano DXR V-Brake & Lever
Stem: Crupi
Saddle: THE
Grips: TT Lock-ons

GHP Frame Serial Number: ICGH14C0352





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Brent BMX Club: Are you ready… for 2016

So, we’ve got the real beginnings of a team brewing for 2016, in anticipation I’ve put together the following order, and their now listed on our website along with the sizing chart.

I’ve got the following coming in for PLAIN jerseys, we’ll keep these on display in the container;

x1 XSJ
x1 SJ
x1 MJ
x1 LJ
x1 XLJ

x1 S
x1 M
x1 L
x1 XL
x1 XXL

 I’ve got the following requests for Custom Named jerseys;




x1 MJ “EMIL”

x1 M “KIT”

x1 M “IBZI”

x1 L “PEDRO”



total order x19 SHIRTS


If you would like to help us bulk this out further, please place you orders ASAP to get in there amongst the first of them. Jerseys should be here next week, named ones are coming first…


And with all this rainy wet weather, here’s a video to cheer you up a bit…
*dont try this at home, I presume your bath is fixed in place anyway!

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Rare Footage from 1976 Kawasaki BMX Race at Saddleback Park

It’s taken a few years but in 2011, Producer and Director Todd Huffman of “The Motocross Files” acquired reels of lost footage from the 1976 motocross series shot by a young filmmaker from San Diego named Ray Baum. The footage had never been edited into anything so after transferring thousands of feet of film into a digital format, hidden in all the wonderful motocross footage was six minutes from this BMX race.

This video was presented for the first time at USA BMX’s 2015 Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA on October 10th, 2015.

Thank you Ray Baum for preserving this and thank you Green Day for writing such a beautiful song that makes us all remember. “Good Riddance”. source: The Motocross Files/YT

Original Article from LIveLeak Read more


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The Cannondale Head Shok Moto 120 Super Downhill Fork 1996 – 1998

The Fork was manufacturered between 1996-98 MSRP : $800.00 and got rave reviews all round, won a few world title’s…

Cannondale of nostalgia SUPER V DH specification.  This model ’96 SUPER V DH ACTIVE (finished vehicles), ’97 SUPER VDH 4000 (finished vehicles), ’98 SUPER V DH was released as (frame set).  Factory bike was riden in 2000 in the catalog. Commercially is was never unfortunately available to the public.

Team riders at the time included;


12 riders found
Name Other sponsors
Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON Cannondale / Commencal / COMMENCAL OXBOW / COMMENCAL-OXBOW / France / ibis / Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team / Ibis Team / Sunn / Sunn Bicycle / SUNN-NIKE / VOLVO
Johan ENGSTRÖM Cannondale / SCOTT INT. / SCOTT INTL / Sweden / VOLVO
Missy GIOVE Azonic / Cannondale / FOCUS / Foes / GLOBAL RACING / USA / VOLVO
Brian LOPES bell / Cannondale / GT FOX / ibis / Intense / Kenda / Marzocchi / Maxxis / Mongoose / Oakley / Pearl Izumi / PearlIzumi / United States / USA / VOLVO / X-Fusion
Tracy MOSELEY Cannondale / FORD FOCUS / Great Britain / KBC08 / KLG07 / Kona / Kona Clarks / Kona Factory / Kona Les Gets / Osprey / T mo racing / T-MO Racing / Team Kona / TEAM KONA FOR / TEAM KONA FORD FOCUS / TMO Racing / Trek / Trek Factory / Trek Factory Racing / Trek Factory Racing Enduro / Trek Factory Racing Enduro Team / Trek SRM Provision / TRK09 / TRK10 / VOLVO
Anja REES-JONES 661 / BN3 / BN3 Cyclamen Solutions / BN3 Sports / Great Britain / Kona / MISTER BIKE / Oris / RockShox / Rocky Mountain Cycles / SDR07 / SRAM / Stendec / Sweet Stuff / Team Oris
Myles ROCKWELL Cannondale / Giant / SRAM / Team Giant / Troy Lee Designs / USA / VOLVO


Here’s how it started;


News Release
For Immediate Release


(May 3, 1996) Cannondale, the Connecticut-based manufacturer of lightweight,
high-performance aluminum bicycles, is forming a separate division for its
HeadShok line of mountain bike suspension forks.  The company’s new HeadShok
division is busy on two fronts: developing new forks with increased
travel in the traditional HeadShok/telescoping-steerer tube style for use on
its own models, and developing at least two telescoping-blade HeadShok forks
for bikes with standard diameter head tubes.  The two telescoping-blade forks
will be the first HeadShok forks compatible with bikes other than Cannondales.

According to Scott Montgomery, Cannondale’s Vice President of Listening, the
move will help the company to continue its overall focus on innovation.  “Our
goal has always been to produce the finest bicycles in the world.  But
improving the frame alone can only take you so far; Eventually, you ha
ve to improve the fork and other components as well,² explained Montgomery.

“Toward that end, we now have three different bike-related divisions within
Cannondale — our frame division, CODA components division, and the HeadShok
fork division.  Each division is focused on its own particular area of
expertise, but also works with the other groups to form proprietary, int
egrated technologies that, as a frame-maker alone, we couldn’t otherwise
develop.  We call the approach Systems Integration.²  Montgomery added that
each division has its own budgets, product manager and research and development
staff, mirroring the approach that Cannondale has taken with its ap
parel and cycling accessories business.

Montgomery went on to explain that the two new HeadShok forks for standard
diameter head tubes are scheduled for introduction later this year, and will
incorporate the triple-clamp design developed for the Volvo/Cannondale Mountain
Bike Racing Team.  “The new forks, the Moto 120 and Moto 80, are
based on the Moto fork used by the Team downhillers,² said Montgomery.  “Both
forks have the adjustable triple-clamp design that lets you dial-in the bike’s
head angle by raising or lowering the position of the clamps on the fork legs.
And because the triple-clamp approach allows the fork legs
to overlap the head tube — and dramatically increase the distance between the
bushings inside the stanchion tubes — stiction is reduced.²  Montgomery also
noted that Cannondale has already had inquiries from other bike makers
interested in spec’ing Moto forks on their frames.

The Moto 120 is currently spec’d on Cannondale’s award-winning Super V DH
Active.  It features an air spring, 120 millimeters of travel, and individually
adjustable compression and rebound damping.  It is paired with a dedicated,
oversized hub for increased stiffness and true tracking precision.
The Moto 80 is suitable for both downhill and cross-country riding, and has
80 millimeters of travel, an adjustable MCU spring, and oil-damping.  Like the
Moto 120, the Moto 80 system uses a dedicated, oversized custom hub (with a
unique quick-release system) to deliver precise tracking.  Mont
gomery said the Moto 120 will be in bike shops in July, and the Moto 80 will be
available in November.  Prices on the new forks have not yet been determined.

– end –
– end –
– end –


If I can find any tech docs from yester-year I’ll be able to tell you more.

The original owners manual is still available on Cannondale’s own website here

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Brent BMX Club Race Jerseys available to order…

Custom printed RSD Sports BMX jersey

There is nothing better than being part of something, no matter if it is a full factory team resplendent with liveried trucks and E-Z ups, or simply a group of mates propping up the back end of the BMX Track, being in a team is cool! But to be part of a team you need one crucial thing, custom jerseys!

Great news, we’ve finalised the designs with RSD!


“I started in 1999, when my uncles got me involved in it. It appealed to me so much because of the extreme side of it.

Shanaze Reade – BMX World Champion 2010

The best female rider in the world likes her sports extreme and over the last 12 months RSD Sports followed her passion and become the UK’s premier BMX jersey manufacturer.

Working closely with several teams and clubs has allowed us to perfect a BMX race jersey that can keep up with the pace of racing at the highest levels. Tough enough to cope with crashes, light enough to keep riders cool and with a fit that can accommodate body armour if desired, the RSD race jersey is the one to have.


Cost of shirts to us are for the moment considering we’re only making very small orders to start with;

<£40 adult named
<£35 adult unnamed
<£34 kids named
<£29 kids unnamed

Advanced orders in cash directly from the club will be a little cheaper. Lead time is around 14 days
Sizes are to be confirmed, as are the initial order quantities for given sizes.
UPDATE: Sizes available confirmed as;
YS / YM / YL / YXL Youth
<£34 kids named
<£29 kids unnamed
S / M / L / XL Adult
<£40 adult named
<£35 adult unnamed
You can pre-order yours through us now, HERE.
You can find RSD on facebook here.