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Martin Dupre Stolen Bikes Funded – See the results, first build… GHP 24″ Expert

So you may have heard Martin’s 3 kids bike got stolen recently from his car right at the beginning of the season…

On Sunday 13th March 3 bikes were stolen from Martin Dupre’s Car whilst parked securely (at least thought this was the case) in Asda Car Park next to the NCC in Manchester, this was round 1 and 2 of the BMX National Series

Martin has been in touch with Asda but unfortunatley the CCTV are unable to pick up who stole them, due to the location of the camera, so Martin has been left with the headache of trying to replace these bikes!

As most of the BMX community know, race bikes are expensive and Martin’s bikes were of good spec, he has worked hard to try and buy the best for his kids.

it would be great if we can all give a little to help Martin replace these bikes.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and I know Martin and his family will be so grateful for anything you can give.

His successful gofundme netted enough to sort almost everything out luckily so he’e been able to continue the season, your support has meant a lot.
“The support offered has really made all the difference, between replacing them or having nothing!”  Martin would really like to thank everyone involved.

Thank you everyone who helped to raise money for Martin, it is truly amazing how many kind generous people are out there! We have managed to raise over £950 in total (a fee is taken from go fund for their service) and the money is on it’s way to Martin, hopefully this will help to replace the bikes stolen. Lisa xx

Martin would specifically like to thank the following people for their support;

Lisa Watson, Neil Anyon & GHP UK for the frame, Terry @ The BMX Store, George @ Edwardes, Billy Stupple, Michelle Eaton, Adrian Young, C.K. Flash & Peckham BMX for lending a bike, Daddy White, Big Mike, Rob Richards, Matthew Island, Morvan Boury, Andy Hefft, SK RacingTNT BMX CLUB, Leonard Cheeseman, Chris Curling,  Ben Curling, Big Daddy Plates, Crucial BMX, Jason Old School, Gary Munday, Steve Newton, Alix Desilles, Marcello Nisco, Danny Ricketts, Mark Hutt, Quillian Isidore, Dan Sturgeon, Keith Wilson, Paul Shriever, Dean Reeves, Jennie Riviere, Kai Riviere, Dean & Pistol Patten, Alan Humphrey, Stuart Harper, Nigel Beatty, Helene Pearce, Sharan Duhig, Laurent Delage, Mike Baggs, Brad Coombs, Steve Joyce, Michel Wisniewski, Pure Bicylces, The Fermor Clan, Nick Shue, Mark Brindle, The Bax Family, Michael Whittaker, The Short Family, The Cranshaw’s, The Ogrady’s, The Pope’s, Robert Wright, Fabie Catto, Carolyn Pantlin, Gareth Hart, Louise Young, GT Bicycles, 100+,  and many, many more than we’ve listed here… and not forgetting Kit here @ GMF…
yo mama!

Here’s some pictures, the build is as below;

Build Spec:

Frame: GHP 24″ Expert Cruiser
Forks: Elevn 24″
Handlebars: Crupi
Crankset: Crupi
Bottom Bracket: Token
Wheelset: Answer Mini Ti
Tyres: Intense ITS
Brakes: Shimano DXR V-Brake & Lever
Stem: Crupi
Saddle: THE
Grips: TT Lock-ons

GHP Frame Serial Number: ICGH14C0352





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Brent BMX Club: Are you ready… for 2016

So, we’ve got the real beginnings of a team brewing for 2016, in anticipation I’ve put together the following order, and their now listed on our website along with the sizing chart.

I’ve got the following coming in for PLAIN jerseys, we’ll keep these on display in the container;

x1 XSJ
x1 SJ
x1 MJ
x1 LJ
x1 XLJ

x1 S
x1 M
x1 L
x1 XL
x1 XXL

 I’ve got the following requests for Custom Named jerseys;




x1 MJ “EMIL”

x1 M “KIT”

x1 M “IBZI”

x1 L “PEDRO”



total order x19 SHIRTS


If you would like to help us bulk this out further, please place you orders ASAP to get in there amongst the first of them. Jerseys should be here next week, named ones are coming first…


And with all this rainy wet weather, here’s a video to cheer you up a bit…
*dont try this at home, I presume your bath is fixed in place anyway!

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Brent BMX Club Race Jerseys available to order…

Custom printed RSD Sports BMX jersey

There is nothing better than being part of something, no matter if it is a full factory team resplendent with liveried trucks and E-Z ups, or simply a group of mates propping up the back end of the BMX Track, being in a team is cool! But to be part of a team you need one crucial thing, custom jerseys!

Great news, we’ve finalised the designs with RSD!


“I started in 1999, when my uncles got me involved in it. It appealed to me so much because of the extreme side of it.

Shanaze Reade – BMX World Champion 2010

The best female rider in the world likes her sports extreme and over the last 12 months RSD Sports followed her passion and become the UK’s premier BMX jersey manufacturer.

Working closely with several teams and clubs has allowed us to perfect a BMX race jersey that can keep up with the pace of racing at the highest levels. Tough enough to cope with crashes, light enough to keep riders cool and with a fit that can accommodate body armour if desired, the RSD race jersey is the one to have.


Cost of shirts to us are for the moment considering we’re only making very small orders to start with;

<£40 adult named
<£35 adult unnamed
<£34 kids named
<£29 kids unnamed

Advanced orders in cash directly from the club will be a little cheaper. Lead time is around 14 days
Sizes are to be confirmed, as are the initial order quantities for given sizes.
UPDATE: Sizes available confirmed as;
YS / YM / YL / YXL Youth
<£34 kids named
<£29 kids unnamed
S / M / L / XL Adult
<£40 adult named
<£35 adult unnamed
You can pre-order yours through us now, HERE.
You can find RSD on facebook here.