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Bespoke Creations; beyond the spokes…

Custom Toilet Roll Holder

We take orders for all kinds of creations.  Given a starting point such as a scrap pile, it’s hard to see the shiny bits through the dirt & grime.  Sometimes one mans scrap metal is the raw material for another creation, this was born from necessity of not having one (a toilet roll holder that is)…

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We’ve been busy: New Door Handles…

So what can you do once you’ve stripped your pedal threads or found a loosening spider creaking away? Turn them into new door handles of course.

How about that for a simple but very effective solution, two Shimano Deore M510 Crank Arms make very good XL Door Handles for the Workshop…







Parts Used:

  • x2 Crank Arms (I’ve used R/H arms with the 4 bolt spider for easy and style)
  • x2 M10 Bolts Nice long ones and standard shiny nuts
  • x4 Large Alloy M10 Spacers
  • x6 washers (Ground to fit around the spider on the inside handle)

Tools required:

  • Electric Corded Drill
  • 10mm HSS Bit
  • 17mm Spanner
  • Loctite
  • File / Bench Grinder


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Recycle a Bike Donations

Everywhere around the country there are many sad looking bikes sitting in garages gardens, sideways and hallways discarded almost  – unloved, unused and getting in the way. We can tackle this problem providing you a simple way to feel good, knowing where possible every last bit of your previously loved bike will go to a good use.

Where we have good stocks, we should be able to offer you a trade in on reconditioned re-sellable bikes useful as kids bikes do so often not grow like their owners.

We will collect free of charge old bikes. If we can refurbish and re-sell we will, if we cannot re-sell, at least you will have got it out of your garage knowing it’s not gone to waste but  a great new place! It will be disassembled for parts, responsibly recycled, reconditioned where possible, up-cycled possibly…

To arrange a collection e-mail or call us on 07771 745 110.

* offer may be withdrawn without notice – we can only cope with a certain number of old bikes!

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Kore Road Handlebar Stem

Kore Road Handlebar Stem – 1-1/8″ Steerer – 25.4mm BC
Current price:
Postage & Packing: £2
Price correct at time of publishing

Product details;
Silver Anodised Aluminium

Weight only: 149 grams

Dimensions – 95mm Reach
10 Degrees Negative Drop
1-1/8 Steerer clamp (Double Bolt Pinch Clamp)
25.4mm Bar clamp (Single Bolt Pinch Clamp)

This item has been used and has some small marks and scratches to the Logo’d Stickers

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Scott – Mountain Bike Handlebar Stem

Scott – Mountain Bike Handlebar Stem
Current price:

Postage & Packaging:
Price correct at time of publishing

Product Details;

Aluminium Black
Weight only: 214 grams
dimensions – 120mm reach
10deg rise
1-1/8 stearer clamp
25.4mm bar clamp (removable front clamp plate)

This item has been used and has some small marks and scratches to the Logo

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Steady Cam -26″ Big Wheel Stabilisers

Fig Rig, Camera Big Wheel Stabilisers
Fig Rig style, Camera Big Wheel Stabilisers

So think your too old for stabilisers?

Think again… You’ve maybe never seen these before, if you use a compact digital camera you’ll wish you had!

So here’s one I made earlier folks; this is my first creation and there’s many more to follow where this came from.

These things have been around for ages now and there are some serious cinematographers who would cherish paying around £300+ for a piece of kit like this.

I’m building these to order so if you’d like to get your hands on one send me a message.   3/8″ and 1/4″ fixed mount as standard not yet pictured.

They are amazing to use and will improve any hand held footage on any device, allowing you to minimise and even eliminate wobble and shake spoiling your shot.