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Bespoke Creations; beyond the spokes…

Custom Toilet Roll Holder

We take orders for all kinds of creations.  Given a starting point such as a scrap pile, it’s hard to see the shiny bits through the dirt & grime.  Sometimes one mans scrap metal is the raw material for another creation, this was born from necessity of not having one (a toilet roll holder that is)…

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We’ve been busy: New Door Handles…

So what can you do once you’ve stripped your pedal threads or found a loosening spider creaking away? Turn them into new door handles of course.

How about that for a simple but very effective solution, two Shimano Deore M510 Crank Arms make very good XL Door Handles for the Workshop…







Parts Used:

  • x2 Crank Arms (I’ve used R/H arms with the 4 bolt spider for easy and style)
  • x2 M10 Bolts Nice long ones and standard shiny nuts
  • x4 Large Alloy M10 Spacers
  • x6 washers (Ground to fit around the spider on the inside handle)

Tools required:

  • Electric Corded Drill
  • 10mm HSS Bit
  • 17mm Spanner
  • Loctite
  • File / Bench Grinder