Head Shok

Cannondale manufacture HeadShok.


Taken from a press release.

(May 3, 1996) Cannondale, the Connecticut-based manufacturer of lightweight,
high-performance aluminum bicycles, is forming a separate division for its
HeadShok line of mountain bike suspension forks. The company’s new HeadShok
division is busy on two fronts: developing new forks with increased
travel in the traditional HeadShok/telescoping-steerer tube style for use on
its own models, and developing at least two telescoping-blade HeadShok forks
for bikes with standard diameter head tubes. The two telescoping-blade forks
will be the first HeadShok forks compatible with bikes other than Cannondales.

According to Scott Montgomery, Cannondale’s Vice President of Listening, the
move will help the company to continue its overall focus on innovation. “Our
goal has always been to produce the finest bicycles in the world. But
improving the frame alone can only take you so far; Eventually, you ha
ve to improve the fork and other components as well,² explained Montgomery.

“Toward that end, we now have three different bike-related divisions within
Cannondale — our frame division, CODA components division, and the HeadShok
fork division. Each division is focused on its own particular area of
expertise, but also works with the other groups to form proprietary, int
egrated technologies that, as a frame-maker alone, we couldn’t otherwise
develop. We call the approach Systems Integration.² Montgomery added that
each division has its own budgets, product manager and research and development
staff, mirroring the approach that Cannondale has taken with its apparel and
cycling accessories business.

Usefull links; http://www.vintagecannondale.com/year/1997/1997.pdf