Rim-mounted Brakes:

These are brakes which work by squeezing the wheel rim. There are two main types: Linear Pull (“V-brakes” [tm]) or Cantilever – All rim brakes have the advantage of being light, but can have problems in poor conditions – because the rim gets very close to the road it can get clogged up with mud or water, making the brakes less powerful. Alloy rims combined with rim brakes will wear gradually over time. Most people expect to have to replace their brake blocks periodically, but don’t realise that the rim wears too. The wear will be accelerated if you do a lot of riding in offroad conditions where grit and dirt are likely to get caught in the brake blocks. Even on the road, alloy rims can wear and you should be aware of this fact and keep an eye out to ensure you have your rims replaced before they break!