A type of air filler valve used on automobile and some bicycle tires. See PRESTA VALVE.

A Schrader valve consists of an externally threaded hollow cylindrical metal tube, typically of nickel plated brass. In the center of the exterior end is a metal pin pointing along the axis of the valve stem; the pin’s end is approximately flush with the end of the valve body.

All Schrader valves used on tires have threads and bodies of a single standard size at the exterior end, so caps and tools generally are universal for the valves on all common applications. The core of the valve can be removed or tightened with a tool.

Industrial Schrader valves are available in different diameters and valve core variants and are used in refrigeration, propane, and a variety of other uses.


  • External thread: 0.305 in (7.747 mm) x 32 TPI[3] (132 in or 0.7938 mm pitch)
  • Internal thread: 0.209 in (5.309 mm) x 36 TPI (136 in or 0.7056 mm pitch)
  • Center Press Spring Pin
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