Fork and Shock Servicing

Great suspension floats through the roughest trails in the smoothest way possible, but that constant wear-and-tear means your suspension needs to be maintained regularly.

Prices start from as little as £40* but this varies massively as does the context and complications possible across different manufacturers and models, years, there are also differences between forks built into the new bike vs those you might buy off the shelf as an upgrade later. Whilst the stickers might say one thing it’s hard to tell what’s inside before opening them up and inspecting them for wear & damage.

* whilst we can literally go to great lengths to restore all the marvelous previous functions to your suspension unit this isn’t always cost viable to all customers and we will advise as far we possibly can but we cannot foresee everything and most forks / suspension units cannot be reassembled without servicing or replacement of certain parts and fluids and retain any further function. Inspection and quoting for forks and shocks requiring internal inspection starts at the basic minimum charge of £40 p/unit this does not include repair / replacement fluids or service parts or full reassembly, if quotes or suggested work is not carried out this may leave your suspension in an un-ride-able state, but by this point you probably realised this through the ride quality, leaking fluids, corrosion, noises etc…
If your suspension unit suffers this fate we will always discount this from your repairs bill if you’re using us to replace the suspension too. For some we may even offer you a trade in value too but only if it’s economically repairable for us.

All prices are based on the items being clean and removed from your bike, ready for service.

We operate a simple booking procedure whereby all work is carried as it arrives, 

Please check us for the next available date. Our turn around times are normally 2-3 days, from arrival (But this can increase during busy periods) and relies on parts availability so currently you can expect delays as the worlds still adjusting during covid precautions.

Below is a list of our most commonly serviced items if your Fork or Shox is not on this list please call.

For major brands they will often be sent to be service by the manufacturer for you by us, costs vary and we still have some charges, for rough basic costs the follow list should give you an idea;

Our Full service includes a full strip-down and clean of your suspension, before replacing all seals and o-rings, and re-assembling with new oil. 

Basic servicing is available please call to discuss your issues 


Fox Fork   all models  (air / coil)                             

32mm     all            £119                                                                   

34mm     all            £119                                                           

36mm     all            £119                                                     

40mm     all            £119                                                          

Fox Rear Shocks                                                                       Full Service                                       

Vanilla R/RC/RL, Van R, DHX RC4, DHX2 coil                    £119                                                                    

Float R, RP2/3/23, CTD, Triad, DPS,                                     £119                                                                      

Float DRCV                                                                                   £119                                                                     

Float Brain (specialized),                                                         £159

Float x2  Float X DPX                                                                £119                                                                   


Fork all models     Full Service                              

30mm all          £109

32mm all          £115

35mm all          £115

Monarch                                                                          £115                                                     

Vivid Air/ Monarch Plus                                              £115                                                        

Reverb both                                                                   £99     

DNM, Suntour, RST, Zoom etc the list goes on, but these aren’t often serviceable products and will come fitted to many as OEM on Branded and Unbranded Bikes, whilst we can sometimes service parts or replace seals we will normally have to advise replacement as you can now get so much more for your £££ fitting newer forks, even pre-owned models will come with extra added features & benefits.

Service Bundle Prices

Fork service + rear shock service

5% discount on labour

without bike service

Fork service + bike service

5% discount on labour

Rear shock service + bike service

5% discount on labour

Fork + rear shock + bike service

10% discount on labour

(excluding carriage & fitting charge) Please note that all forks & Shocks are sent to the supplier for servicing if we don’t do it in house this may add extra lead times to our quotes that are beyond our control and reaches it’s peak in the summer.

Fork fitting *   £30

Rear suspension Set up £8

Suspension servicing Fork and Shock Servicing From £40

Fork carriage & fitting charge* £30

Rear shock carriage & fitting charge* £20      

  *forks purchased from Get Me Fixed for over £300 are fitted for free