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Recycle a Bike Donations

Everywhere around the country there are many sad looking bikes sitting in garages gardens, sideways and hallways discarded almost  – unloved, unused and getting in the way. We can tackle this problem providing you a simple way to feel good, knowing where possible every last bit of your previously loved bike will go to a good use.

Where we have good stocks, we should be able to offer you a trade in on reconditioned re-sellable bikes useful as kids bikes do so often not grow like their owners.

We will collect free of charge old bikes. If we can refurbish and re-sell we will, if we cannot re-sell, at least you will have got it out of your garage knowing it’s not gone to waste but  a great new place! It will be disassembled for parts, responsibly recycled, reconditioned where possible, up-cycled possibly…

To arrange a collection e-mail or call us on 07771 745 110.

* offer may be withdrawn without notice – we can only cope with a certain number of old bikes!

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