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453 Steel

453 Steel
noun. associated British Brand Name Reynolds Technology Ltd.

All types of bike steel made by the British company Reynolds are considered very good, as they are specifically designed for bicycles, not other stuff which happens to be cheaper. As the allocated number goes up, generally the sophistication of the alloy goes up, and the bike gets lighter and stronger – and more expensive of course!


  • 453 – Manganese/Titanium alloy. Reynolds produced only the 3 main tubes in this alloy and they were single butted.

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4130 Steel

4130 noun. American
taken from the AISI 4-digit code system

4130 is a code of the American Iron & Steel Institute and defines the approximate chemical composition of the steel

This is a type of CrMo (chromoly) – the number is a way of defining which metals are added to the steel to make it stronger. The number is globally recognised as a metallurgical type definition, which has strict standards to which the steel must comply.

The “41” denotes a low alloy steel containing nominally 1 percent chromium and 0.2 percent molybdenum (hence the nickname “chromoly”). The “30” denotes a carbon content of 0.30 percent. In addition, as normal constituents of plain carbon and low alloy steels, there will be around 0.2-0.5 percent silicon, 0.5-1.0 percent manganese, and well under 0.1 percent of each of a dozen or so other elements whose presence is unavoidable, in a few cases deliberate, and generally not harmful. The remaining 97-98 percent is iron (Fe).

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