Workshop Services

While many of our customers delight in spending a weekend diligently tweaking, overhauling or repairing their bicycles, many riders do not have the time, the tools or the inclination to do it themselves. If this sounds like you, why not pop your bike into the shop for a free safety checkover so we can discuss your service requirements.
To simplify your choices, we have created a Service Menu to help you select the most appropriate type of overhaul.

If your needs are more specific there is a full list of prices here or please ask for a quote. We are happy to do any repair, be it replacing an inner tube on the spot (the £6 price excludes the cost of a new tube), building a new set of wheels, or overhauling your suspension forks.

If you just need some advice on how to make your bike work safer and better, just pop in and discuss your requirements. Advice is free.

  • Free safety check-over and estimate

    We always perfom free safety check and estimate before carrying out any repair.

  • Any make or type of bike

    We will repair any make or type of cycle regardless of where you bought it.

  • Handbuilt wheels

    Any hub & rim combination, and many spoking patterns. If it can be built we will build it.

  • Fast repairs

    If you book the repair in advance, and bring the bike into the shop before 12.00 noon, we can usually have the job completed that same evening. Subject to parts availability.

  • We come to you

    Your bike can be repaired in our workshop, our we can come to you with our 'Dr Bike' service.

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Repair Prices


Services Basic £35
Standard £60
Deluxe £110
(excluding parts)
Fitting £25
Service £15
Adjustment £6
Facing - bare frame £15
Facing - complete bike £40

(quoted per brake)
(excluding parts)


Rim (V or cantilever) Fitting £15
Replace cable & adjust £10
Replace pads & adjust £10
Servicing - pair £15
Hydraulic Fitting & bleed £20
Facing £15
Bleeding £20
Clean & Service £15
Replace hose & bleed £20
Replace pads £8
Rotor fitting £6
Freeing stuck pistons £25
Cable disc Fitting £15
Replace cable £8
Facing £15
Replace pads £8
Clean & adjust £8
Rotor fitting £6

(quoted per wheel)
(excluding parts)


Custom Wheel Builds Old parts £35
New parts £50
Wheel true True & tension £15
Spoke replacement - Rear wheel £20
Spoke replacement - Front wheel £18

(quoted per hub)
(excluding parts)


Service £15
Cone adjustment £8
Re-packing with grease £10
Freehub Service £25

(excluding new tube)


On the spot £10
On the spot hub gear £15

(excluding parts)


New Tyre fitting £7
New Tyre fitting hub gear £7

(excluding parts)


Fitting £15
Bottom bracket
(excluding parts)
Fitting £20
Thread Re-tapping £8
Facing BB shell £15
Service £25
(excluding parts)
Fitting £10
Clean £8
(excluding parts)




(quoted per gear)
(excluding parts)
Fitting Replace cable & adjust £15
Replace mech & adjust £15
Adjustment £8
Rear hanger Replacement & adjust £12
Straighten & adjust £8
Service - front & rear (includes hanger straightening) £25
Bike build Mountain bike starting from; £85
Road bike starting from; £85
Insurance Inspection £15
Quote £15
Cleaning Drive train clean £15
Spring cleaning Full bike clean £30
Parts fit
(not at customising stage)
Computer £6
Childseat £6
Fork fitting * £30
Gear shifters £15
Grips £6
Handlebar £6
Mudguards £15
Lights (front & rear) £6

Thread Retapping (per side)



Rack £10
Bike boxing Packing and preparing £15
Unpacking, re-building & adjusting £40
(excluding carriage & fitting charge)Please note that all forks & Shocks are sent to the supplier for servicing
Fork fitting * £30
Rear suspension Set up £8
Suspension servicing Fork and Shock Servicing From
Fork carriage & fitting charge* £30
Rear shock carriage & fitting charge* £20
*forks purchased from Get Me Fixed for over £300 are fitted for free

DR Bike Bookings

Many people refer to this service as Dr Bike but we offer more than just a simple bike health check, PDI or MOT if you'd like to think of it as that. Alongside a full safety inspection we will do minor repairs, adjustments, adapt your bike to suit you and advise you on how to look after your own bike to keep you running smoothly.

To book a experienced mechanic to come to your organisation or find out more about them, call 07771745110 or email

Hiring a professional GetMeFixed bike mechanic costs £75 per hour with a minimum booking of three hours (for approximately 12-14 bike checks).
If you want more than one mechanic, we offer a discounted rate for the second (or more) mechanic: £55 per hour.

What are the benefits?

Bike health checks and minor repairs are a great way of attracting people to any event. Getting bikes in good condition is a great way to get people cycling for leisure or commuting. It's amazing how many bikes sit in people's shed that just need a quick tune-up to get them roadworthy again

As well as fixing up bikes our mechanics will explain how to keep bikes maintained and working. It's amazing how many bikes on the road aren't properly maintained, which is why these services are so popular.

Our professional mechanic arrives at your workplace or event fully equipped, and effortlessly fixes as many bikes as they can in the time provided, making sure everyone goes home happier and safer.

Why use us?

We've been running maintenance courses across for some time now, and in the industry for over a decade, and know just how confusing mechanics can be to the uninitiated.

We use all our experience to make sure our courses are clear, educational and fun. We already work with schools, bike clubs, businesses, charities, local councils all across London.

We provide everything! You just give us a time and a location, and mechanic will be there.

Bikes can either be dropped off and left for the mechanic to work on or the mechanic can spend around 10 minutes with each client, adjusting their bike's brakes and gears to make sure their bike runs super smoothly.

In the course of the 'examination', they give every bike an effective safety check and can also offer impartial advice if they spot more serious problems.

Typically a mechanic will, if necessary:

adjust and clean brakes and gears

replace brake cables and blocks

replace gear cables

clean and lubricate

check and inflate tyres

check headset and bottom bracket for play

replace missing bar and cable ends

advise on any further work that is needed

All spares listed above are included in the price. If further work is needed the mechanic will advise on the problem and what to ask for in a bike shop.

Want to learn as well?

Our professional Mechanics can teach groups in your organisation about how a bike works and how to keep it in good shape. This activity is often run alongside a bike check session, bike club, events (although they can be booked independently) and can be tailored to your organisation. At workplaces these sessions are often referred to as a 'lunchtime maintenance class'.

Dr Bike Bookings From £75 Per Hour (Minimum 3 Hours)

GMF offers discounted rates for community groups and schools, please get in touch to discuss how we can help your community event.
We can also link you up with our local cycling groups and community projects in your area who may be able to support your event.