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While many of our customers delight in spending a weekend diligently tweaking, overhauling or repairing their bicycles, many riders do not have the time, the tools or the inclination to do it themselves. If this sounds like you, why not pop your bike into the shop for a free safety checkover so we can discuss your service requirements.
To simplify your choices, we have created a Service Menu to help you select the most appropriate type of overhaul.

If your needs are more specific there is a full list of prices here or please ask for a quote. We are happy to do any repair, be it replacing an inner tube on the spot (the £6 price excludes the cost of a new tube), building a new set of wheels, or overhauling your suspension forks.

Free safety check-over and estimate:
before carrying out any repair.

Any bike:
We will repair any type of cycle regardless of where you bought it.

Handbuilt wheels:
Any hub & rim combination, and many spoking patterns. If it can be built we will build it.

Fast Repairs:
If you book the repair in advance, and bring the bike into the shop before 12.00 noon, we can usually have the job completed that same evening. Subject to parts availability.

If you just need some advice on how to make your bike work safer and better, just pop in and discuss your requirements. Advice is free.

Prices current as of October 2019