Dr Bike Sessions Weekly on Saturday afternoon. Brent BMX – FREE


Workshop Prices

Dr Bike Bookings

Brent BMX Club runs on Saturdays afternoons

1-3pm at Chalkhill Road you can check out their facebook here.

We’ll be supporting their regular club with our Mechanics providing FREE* Support and Dr Bike Repairs while you wait.
(pending workloads*) we’ll have  people available starting on the 7th March 2015.

We’ll also have tools and a selection of small parts on hand along with accessories for you to purchase.

Want to Learn as well?

Our professional Mechanics can teach groups in your organisation about how a bike works and how to keep it in good shape. This activity is often run alongside a bike check session, bike club, events (although they can be booked independently) and can be tailored to your organisation.

You can always stick around a just watch us work, there’s no better way than watching someone do it properly.

How much does it all cost?

FREE: a professional GetMeFixed bike mechanic for a Dr Bike usually repairs your bicycle during an event and it will be done while you wait, if you need to leave it you will need to collect it before we finish and pack away at 3pm. (If we get really busy we may stay longer)

To guarantee we can repair your bike on the day, please make sure you turn up early as the busier we get the less chance there is of missing out.

We can always offer repairs for complex problems too, but often if we are busy or we cannnot supply the parts there and then we can have you bike repaired in our workshop and back to you the following Saturday, charges may apply for work not carried out on the day.

*Exceptions are repairs requiring complex or detailed work such as full bearing services, B/B & Headset replacements, etc. Repairs requiring large parts, new replacements and accessories are also excluded.

GMF offers discounted rates for community groups and schools, please get in touch to discuss how we can help your community event.
We can also link you up with our local cycling groups and community projects in your area who may be able to support your event.


About Brent BMX Club

brent-bmx-clubBrent, a brand new BMX track has been built as part of a family cycling centre on Chalkhill open space. The BMX track is in the shadow of the famous Wembley National Stadium arch and renovates and previously disused play space. The new Brent BMX Club started its club sessions on June 14th and will operate every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at the Track.The Club has a triving attendance of riders from the ages of 5 upwards to 50, eager younger members in training, the track is a exciting play track built by Biketrack.org and forms part of a larger community facility featuring a family cycle route and a scooter park.

Thanks to Brent Council for the vision to build a new BMX track in their borough.


Chalkhill BMX track, Barnhill Road, London, HA9 9BU

Saturdays 1pm – 3pm

£2 members, £3 non-members, £10 membership

Equipment available:
Yes – bikes, helmets, gloves available on first come first served basis

All ages and abilities welcome




Chalkhill BMX track, Barnhill Road, London, HA9 9BU