Workshop Prices


Workshop Prices

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Basic Service – £35 Excluding Parts

The Basic Service is the mechanical equivalent of a doctor’s medical. If you don’t use your bike a great deal, the Basic Service is all you might require, so you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your gears change smoothly, and that your brakes work fine. The mechanic will not undertake any investigative work at the Basic Service. He will however, highlight any obvious problems that would fall outwith the scope of the Basic Service when he checks the bike over with you. We will also advise you if any parts need replaced. Naturally, the price of any new parts fitted will be added on to the price of the Basic Service.

  • Check and adjust brakes and gears.
  • Check and inflate tyres.

Standard Service – £60 Excluding Parts

The Standard Service is the mechanical equivalent to a two week visit to a health farm. For the average user, we recommend this comprehensive service where we check over the whole bicycle. The Standard Service comes with a six month warranty on the work carried out, and a one year warranty on new parts fitted. Again, any new parts required will be highlighted by the mechanic when the bicycle is received, but are not included in the price.

As Basic Service, plus:

  • Check and externally adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket.
  • Replace brake blocks/pads (if required).
  • Lubricate cables (replace if required).
  • Lubricate chain and dérailleurs.
  • Check/tighten all nuts and bolts.
  • Test ride.
  • 6 month guarantee on all work carried out.

Deluxe Service – £110 Excluding Parts

To make this service truly deluxe, we strip your bike down to the bare frame. Every part is carefully checked over before it is refitted. Serviceable bearings are regreased. New cables, bearings and brake pads are fitted if required. The drivetrain is thoroughly cleaned. If you ride every day, or you’re contemplating a big ride, or you want your bike to work better than new, we recommend you treat your bike to a Deluxe Service.

As Standard Service, plus

  • Complete strip down and rebuild including headset, bottom bracket and hubs (excludes hydraulic brakes, suspension forks & shocks).
  • All threads cleaned and chased.
  • Wheels trued & tensioned.

Parts not included in quoted prices

Please note: prices quoted on this page cover labour charges. An additional charge will be made for any parts fitted at the service, such as brake blocks, cables and bearings, unless otherwise stated (for instance, there is no charge for brake fluid when we bleed hydraulic disc brakes).

Repair Prices – To book call: 07771 745 110

Please see the table below for a list of common repair prices.

These are guide prices only, difficult or more complex jobs may incur a further charge, of course we will endeavour to keep you informed of any issues.


Services Basic   £35
Standard   £60
Deluxe   £110
(excluding parts)
Fitting   £25
Service   £15
Adjustment   £6
Facing – bare frame   £15
Facing – complete bike   £40

(quoted per brake)
(excluding parts)

Rim (V or cantilever) Fitting £15
Replace cable & adjust £10
Replace pads & adjust £10
Servicing – pair £15
Hydraulic Fitting & bleed £20
Facing £15
Bleeding £18
Clean & Service £15
Replace hose & bleed £20
Replace pads £8
Rotor fitting £6
Freeing stuck pistons £25
Cable disc Fitting £15
Replace cable £8
Facing £15
Replace pads £8
Clean & adjust £8
Rotor fitting £6

(quoted per wheel)
(excluding parts)

Custom Wheel Builds Old parts £30
New parts £50
Wheel true True & tension £15
Spoke replacement – Rear wheel £20
Spoke replacement – Front wheel £18

(quoted per hub)
(excluding parts)

Service   £15
Cone adjustment   £8
Re-packing with grease   £10
Freehub Service   £25

(excluding new tube)

On the spot   £7
On the spot hub gear   £10

(excluding parts)

New Tyre fitting   £7
New Tyre fitting hub gear   £7

(excluding parts)

Fitting   £15
Bottom bracket
(excluding parts)
Fitting   £20
Thread Re-tapping    £8
Facing BB shell   £15
Service   £25
(excluding parts)
Fitting   £10
Clean   £8
(excluding parts)






(quoted per gear)
(excluding parts)
Fitting Replace cable & adjust £15
Replace mech & adjust £15
Adjustment   £8
Rear hanger Replacement & adjust £12
Straighten & adjust £8
Service – front & rear (includes hanger straightening)   £25
Bike build Mountain bike starting from; £85
Road bike starting from; £85
Insurance Inspection   £15
Quote   £15
Cleaning Drive train clean   £15
Spring cleaning Full bike clean   £30
Parts fit
(not at customising stage)
Computer   £6
Childseat   £6
Fork fitting *   £30
Gear shifters   £15
Grips   £6
Handlebar   £6
Mudguards   £15
Lights (front & rear)   £6
Pedals   £6
Rack   £10
Bike boxing Packing and preparing   £15
Unpacking, re-building & adjusting   £40
(excluding carriage & fitting charge)Please note that all forks & Shocks are sent to the supplier for servicing
Fork fitting *   £30
Rear suspension Set up £8
Suspension servicing Fork and Shock Servicing From
Fork carriage & fitting charge* £30
Rear shock carriage & fitting charge* £20
*forks purchased from Get Me Fixed for over £300 are fitted for free