Continental Gator Hardshell 700x25c Folding (Pair)


Sold as a pair Used: Very low milage, front tyre still hase central moulding line

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Continental Gator Hardshell 700x25c Folding (Pair)

Ideal when it comes to extremely long service life, for the next tour or the commute.

Made for for rough surfaces and rugged tarmac.

TPI 180

Folding Bead

More is what you get

Puncture protection and mileage are the strengths of Hardshell-ProTection. A wider PolyX Breaker®, the specialist against punctures under the tread centre and shoulders provides for great reliability. The threeply – each layer with 60 TPI – carcass covers the entyre tire and makes it a real bastion against urban detritus. The outer sidewalls of the tire are reinforced with DuraSkin® fabric providing even more reliablility due to the casing being so well protected. Hardshell tires are the puncture-resistant flagship amongst racing tires – produced exclusively in Germany.


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