Labour: R-Mech / Rear Derailleur – Hanger Alignment & Readjustment


Shop-quality derailleur hanger straightening.

A misaligned derailleur hanger can cause skipping, missed shifts, and wreak general havoc on your bicycle's drivetrain.

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Labour: R-Mech / Rear Derailleur – Hanger Alignment & Readjustment

If your bike has a rear derailleur, at some point it’s going to get hit. This is a given of storing, transporting and riding a bike. The derailleur is perfectly positioned to catch door frames, gates, roots, rocks, kerbs and a multitude of other immovable objects, be banged against other bikes, be dropped or crashed, and it’s attached to a part of your bike that’s nowadays usually designed to bend so your frame doesn’t – the derailleur hanger. You’d much rather replace a £20 hanger than a £500 frame, right? Hence it’s usually made of a softer metal than your frame.

If your rear derailleur has already met it’s match or tangled up with the chain then this is probably added to your servicing billwhen we replace your derailleur and or the mech hanger as these are not guaranteed to be aligned out of the box.



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