Headset Fitting: Labour Charge


Headset Fitting: Labour Charge

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Q. What is this item?

A. A headset is the part of the bike that connects the fork to the bike frame, while allowing you to steer. This is the labour charge associated with fitting, such a part is often mechanically pressed into the frame and requires fine adjustment to be fitted correctly.

Q. How will I know if I need this service?

A. If your steering becomes noisey, difficult, or loose its likely that your headset is the problem. Watch out for gritty or crunchy sensations while turning. Try tightening the headset; if this doesn’t resolve the problem, it may need replacing.

Q. What are the benefits going forward?

A. When a headset is fitted well, steering will be smooth and easy. If you ride in bad weather conditons or muddy environments, a well fitted and maintained headset is crucial as these conditions can shorten the life of the headset.


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